What Is Customer Focus in Marketing? - Definition, Strategies & Examples

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Shicara Hollie

Shicara has a Master Degree in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing

We will discuss customer focused marketing and its relevance in social media. Learn more about how managers utilize strategies in order to reach their target market.

Determining the Target Market

Customer focused marketing is the process of determining customer needs and wants in order to drive the working force behind the company's products or services. Managers in the company must determine key factors about its customers in order to steer its marketing approach. Have you ever wondered how companies decide on how they will reach their consumer target market? Well first they have to determine the demographics of their customers. Who are the consumers? What is their age group? Where do they shop? How do they communicate? Where do they receive their information?

Managers identify their target market and create strategies in order to reach those customers. In this lesson, we will discuss four customer focused marketing strategies: social media hashtags, gaining customer trust, incentives to loyal customers, and large sales for discount customers.


  • Hashtags

Customers have a powerful input when it comes to how companies market. With the Internet being a sounding board for most consumers, they are able to give their immediate feedback and opinion on products and services. In many cases, trends are the popular thing within social media. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and most recently Instagram have caught on to the hash tag frenzy. A hashtag is a word or phrase that has a pound sign in front of it and conveys a topic.

Marketers have caught on to the trends and have used the popularity of social media to their advantage. Company marketing teams are creating their own hashtags and trending initiatives to spread the word about their products and services. Customers and followers are influenced by companies to use hashtags so that certain topics may trend throughout social media mediums. In a way, companies have included their customers to their marketing team because customers help spread the word.

  • Trust

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