What is Efficient Communication? - Definition & Skills

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: JC Wright

JC has an MBA.

In this lesson, you will learn what is efficient communication and how it can be mastered in business. While efficient usually means brief, this lesson will also address an alternative way that a message can be delivered if brevity is not suitable.

What Is Efficient Communication?

All forms of life communicate. People communicate with each other verbally and non-verbally. Dogs communicate with each other with a tail wag, a bark, or a growl. Trees communicate to us by telling us the state of the environment; for example, you can tell that it's windy out from which direction the wind is blowing by the motion of a tree. One can tell the health of a plant by the coloring or its physical attributes. Communication is all around us, but in this time of 'I have no time,' we have the option of using efficient communication to deliver the desired message.


Efficient communication is the ability to deliver a clear message in the shortest amount of time. With this form of communication the message may or may not be received in the manner intended. The receiver may feel the brevity is insufficient and may need more clarity in order for the message to be delivered effectively. Being able to master efficient communication in business will have a positive impact on managing professional relationships and organizational behavior.


Mastering Communication

That being said, how do you become a master at communicating efficiently? The answer to this question is simple but surprisingly not utilized as much in the workplace. There are a few aspects that are very important when communicating efficiently while also ensuring your message is delivered effectively. Let's look at some of those aspects in more detail.


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