What Is Hematuria? - Definition, Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

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Instructor: Danielle Haak

Danielle has a PhD in Natural Resource Sciences and a MSc in Biological Sciences

Hematuria is a medical condition in which blood is discharged in the urine as a result of infection, trauma, disease, or the use of medication. Learn about the definition, causes, symptoms, and treatment for hematuria. Updated: 10/15/2021

Overview of Hematuria

Joe was just in a car accident and rushed to the hospital even though he only thought he had a few bumps and bruises. Luckily, they kept him overnight because while he was there, he realized his urine had turned pink in color; definitely not the norm. So what happened to Joe? He's experiencing hematuria.

Hematuria is a condition where there is blood in the urine. If this happens, it may be nothing to worry about or it may be a sign of a serious condition, because hematuria is a symptom of another condition or disorder rather than a condition in and of itself.

If blood in the urine is visible with the naked eye, meaning the urine is pink or red in color due to the red blood cells present, like in Joe's case, this is called gross hematuria. When blood is only visible when looked at under a microscope, meaning the urine looks normal with the naked eye, this is called microscopic hematuria. A person with microscopic hematuria may not even realize anything is wrong until they have a urine test performed.

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Causes & Symptoms of Hematuria

A number of different conditions can cause hematuria, and each might have slightly different symptoms, which include blood in the urine, or no symptoms at all. Sometimes hematuria is minor enough where no treatment is necessary, but if it's caused by a serious condition, it needs to be addressed. Let's take a look at some of these possible causes.

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