What is Internal Marketing? - Definition & Examples

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  • 0:00 What Is Internal Marketing?
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

This lesson explains what internal marketing is and how it benefits employees. We'll also see how it can be used by managers to communicate information with employees. Scenarios in which effective internal marketing is used are included.

What Is Internal Marketing?

Every business has at least two types of customers: internal and external. While companies usually focus on the external customers - the people who purchase their products and services - internal customers are also important.

Internal customers are the employees that work for the company. Regardless of their job function, they rely on other employees, teams, and the company for support and information. As a result, marketing to these internal customers is a vital aspect to the effectiveness of a company.

Internal marketing is the communication of information to employees. There are many types of information that needs to be shared with staff members. It's important to coordinate the efforts of employees to strengthen the performance of the company.

Let's imagine you own a public relations company. Your company focuses on your customers, and you pride yourself on the level of communication and relationship building your company offers to them. Because you understand the value of internal marketing, you take extra steps to ensure all staff members understand the company mission and vision. You actively share information about company successes and opportunities, and you encourage communication between departments. In fact, because you are so committed to internal marketing, your staff members feel very involved in the business and have higher morale.

Uses of Internal Marketing

Company and department meetings are one of the most common ways business owners and managers can share information with employees. It's an opportunity to share positive thoughts, exchange ideas, and inform employees of any relevant news. Companies also use newsletters and emails as ways to provide updates.

Internal marketing is not just limited to sharing positive information. It can also be critical to correct misconceptions. In your business you have learned that in the absence of information employees make assumptions or engage in speculation that can bring morale down.

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