What is Online Marketing? - Definition & Benefits Over Print

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Elissa Vaughn

Elissa is a professional content writer with a certification in inbound marketing, BA in history, and a decade of experience in retail sales and marketing.

The advertising world has gone digital, and more businesses are turning to online marketing instead of traditional print advertising to get their message across. But what are the benefits of this change? In this lesson, we'll learn what online marketing is and why business owners are choosing it over print.

Online Marketing

Today, we're going to start off this lesson with a simple and fun experiment! All you have to do is grab the morning paper and then visit one of your favorite morning news websites.

  1. First, read through your morning paper and keep an eye out for any advertisements. When you're finished with that, just hop on over to your favorite news site and see how they advertise to visitors.
  2. When you're finished browsing both, compare and contrast how both forms of media differ in their advertising approach. What differences stand out to you?

Notice how your morning paper is limited to print advertising, whereas your news site presents multiple forms of advertising, such as banner ads, sidebar advertising, video ads, email subscriptions, textual ads, and even advertisements that target your own interests?

Why is that?

Unlike your morning paper, your news site can't use print advertising, so it uses an advertising technique called online marketing, which actually creates more options for you as an advertiser and consumer.

Print vs. Online

Print advertising has had a long history with consumers. For decades, beautifully illustrated pictures of consumer products and fashion were the predominant form of advertising. Eventually, print advertising evolved to include billboards, flyers, posters, brochures, catalogs, direct mail, and newsletters.

Otherwise known as traditional advertising, print marketing is still used today, as it's effective in blasting messages out to the masses. Coupon-clipping is still as popular as ever, you'll still find music posters for recording artists, and how often do you miss a large flashy billboard while on a road trip? However, it's no longer the predominant form of marketing, nor the cheapest. Cue, online marketing.

Benefits of Online Marketing

Online marketing isn't a one-size-fits-all model. It's a large umbrella that houses many different techniques for marketing through search engines, websites, social media, video sites, and blogs. This way, you have your pick of marketing tactics to reach the consumers that you want, and customers reach you by choosing to engage in the content they want.

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