What is PLR? - Definition & Use

Instructor: Beth Hendricks

Beth holds a master's degree in integrated marketing communications, and has worked in journalism and marketing throughout her career.

Looking for a way to build your arsenal of content? Consider delving into the world of private label rights (PLR). In this lesson, we'll take a closer look at what PLR is and how it can be used in a digital marketing strategy.

Free, Usable Content?

What would it be like to have a library of resources at your fingertips? To have articles, e-books and blogs posts at the ready - just to add your name and click ''submit.'' Sounds great, right? You may be thinking it sounds like a fantasy land that couldn't possible exist. But, it does! It's a concept known as private label rights.

What Is PLR?

Private label rights (PLR) is basically a license you can buy (the ''rights'' to something, if you will) so that you're permitted to republish, reproduce or repurpose content as your own and as you see fit. PLR is about avoiding needing a big staff of writers or devoting your after-hours free time to building an arsenal of articles to boost your content-building strategies.

Want to list yourself as the author? You can do it. Want to change the opening paragraph or pull out the final paragraph? Go right ahead. How about rewriting a portion to be more customized for your clients or adding a quote from yourself or someone else? Check and check.

PLR articles have numerous benefits. For starters, we've all heard that ''content is king,'' but it can be tricky to keep churning out relevant, interesting and engaging articles day after day. Going with PLR content helps you keep your content bank stocked. And, it's fairly inexpensive.

PLR articles or e-Books are available at a fairly cheap rate, though sometimes the quality of the writing may be lacking. After all, PLR mills are putting out tons of content that they want to turn around quickly to make a buck off of. So, that might be a negative you need to consider.

Another possible drawback? The same PLR content appearing in more than one place. That's right: the article that you ''wrote,'' may appear elsewhere on the internet ''written'' by someone else savvy enough to buy the PLR article to boost their own content.

Using PLR Content

So, if all of that sounds OK by you and you want to dabble in the world of PLR, how exactly can you put it to good use for you? Here just a handful of ways that you can utilize PLR content to your advantage.

  • Build Blog Posts

Use the blog posts as whole articles, or break them up into a series of blog posts. The choice is yours! If you post to your blog with any regularity, you know the struggle of keeping a stockpile of fresh content at the ready. PLR content can alleviate that burden.

  • Chunk It Up for Social Media

Do you like to build graphics or give tips or top 10 lists on your social media accounts? One PLR article can provide dozens of points of information that you can create as you see fit. Throw a quote over a photo, build an infographic or create a bullet list.

  • Place in Print

Maybe you mail out a monthly members' magazine or send out a quarterly newsletter? Picking PLR content that fits your theme can be an easy way to fill holes where you need content. And, it's easy to modify the text to create something even more personalized for your audience.

  • Distribute to Email Subscribers

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