What is Resilience? - Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Jennifer Lowery

Jennifer has taught elementary levels K-3 and has master's degrees in elementary education and curriculum/instruction and educational leadership.

Have you ever been through tough or sad experiences? In this lesson, learn the definition of resilience and discover how resilience is used after a challenging event.

Tough Times

This may be tough, but can you think about a time when you experienced something tragic? A tragic event is something that makes you extremely sad, like the loss of a pet. How did you handle it? Did you get help from family or friends? Was it hard for you to go back to your normal life? Unfortunately, everyone will experience tragic events in their lives.

When something tragic happens, it may be hard to think that life will get back to normal.

What is Resilience?

In 2004, a huge wave called a tsunami hit the country of Thailand. This powerful storm destroyed buildings, homes, and took many lives. People who survived this were faced with the loss of their friends, loved ones, and possessions.

After the tsunami, as bad as it was, many people affected used something called resilience. This means that they were determined to clean up the damage and try to get back to a normal life. They were strong even after a devastating event.

Victims of a tsunami in Thailand had to use resilience to clean up and rebuild.
natural disaster

Who is Resilient?

Some people think that you either have resilience or you don't. That's not at all true! Everyone has resilient qualities, even though they may not know it. Sometimes it takes a sad event to know exactly how strong you are.

One of the ways that people learn about their own resilience is through experience. After going through one sad event, you learn more about yourself as a person and you're better able to handle tragic events or changes in the future.

Why Be Resilient?

Why is using resilience important? Think about it this way. If something bad were to happen, do you think you would be sad forever? No way! While it's normal to have strong emotions after a tragic event, it's also important to get back to your normal life. You don't want a tragic event to keep you from important milestones in your life, like graduation, getting a job, or getting married.

Your resilient behavior can also encourage others. Not only will people want to be around you because of your positive attitude, but they may want to try to be like you, too. You could inspire others when they are facing challenging times.

With resilience, it is possible to return to a happy, healthy life after a terrible event.

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