What is Security Management? - Systems & Applications

Instructor: Sudha Aravindan

Sudha has a Doctor of Education Degree and is currently working as a Information Technology Specialist.

Information technology (IT) security breaches are becoming more and more common these days. In this lesson, you'll learn about IT security management as it applies to systems and applications.

What Is Security Management?

Information security management is a set of procedures and tools adapted by an organization to help protect and secure all data and servers belonging to the organization. As organizations are increasingly conducting their business online and on mobile devices, the numbers of security thefts that targets sensitive data is also on the rise.

A gas station chain, Orange Gas Corporation, found that their data servers were accessed by unauthorized personnel and credit card data of its customers was compromised. The information technology (IT) department of Orange Gas Corp. immediately got to work on implementing a security management system.

To begin with, the IT department of Orange Gas Corp. organized meetings where possible areas that were affected by the breach were assessed and identified. They decided upon a solution for security management. Once a solution was identified, they put together a team for evaluating the security systems. A few selected systems were evaluated for effectiveness of the security solution, and analyzed for possible improvements. Finally, the IT department of Orange Gas Corp. implemented the tested solution globally to all their hardware and software systems.

What Is Systems Security?

As soon as Orange Gas Corp. discovered that the credit card information of its customers was compromised, they required all of their staff to immediately change their passwords. The passwords had to be strong and meet minimum guidelines with minimum number of characters, combination of numbers, letters and special characters. They also conducted background checks and provided training to employees for security awareness. The IT department of Orange Gas Corp also installed tools to encrypt the data on the servers so that only authorized personnel with privileges would be able to decrypt the data.

Systems security includes controlling security access of all the computer systems and data that are used in the day to day business activities of the organization. Systems security helps to secure the organizations data to authenticated users and deny access to unauthorized users. Strong passwords with additional authentication methods are used to login to websites, computers and servers. Data encryption is used to encrypt, code or scramble the data so that it can be read only by valid users with access to the decryption code.

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