What is the Climax of A Wrinkle in Time?

Instructor: Molly Richards

Molly has ten years of middle school teaching experience and two master's degrees in teaching.

Madeleine L'Engle's ''A Wrinkle in Time'' tells the story of two children's quest to find their missing father. Meg and Charles must find a way to fight the force of evil and bring their father back home. But what will their secret weapon be? The part of a story where the conflict is about to be resolved and the reader's interest is at its highest is called the ''climax''. Let's take a look at ''A Wrinkle in Time'' to learn what its climax is.

A Wrinkle in Time Summary

A Wrinkle in Time is a fantasy novel that tells the story of Meg and Charles Murray who are on a quest to find their missing father. Their father, Mr. Murray, is a scientist being held prisoner on another planet by the evil force called The Dark Thing. Meg and Charles are helped by Mrs. Whatsit, a celestial, or heaven-related being, who informs them that their father is being held prisoner on the planet Camazozt, a planet that is being overtaken by the evil force. Mrs. Whatsit informs them that they can travel through a fifth dimension to find their father because of a tesseract, or wrinkle in time and space--basically, a shortcut.

The following day, Meg and Charles walk over to Mrs. Whatsit's cabin and run into a schoolmate of Meg's, Calvin O'Keefe. He joins them and together they go to Mrs. Whatsit's where they also meet Mrs. Who and Mrs. What. The three celestial beings describe the evil force that is taking over the universe. The three children must remain together at all times on Camazozt or risk being taken over like the rest of the planet. Eventually, Meg, Charles and Calvin tesser--travel through time--and find themselves on Camazozt in search of Mr. Murray.

Before going to Camazozt, the children must journey to different planets in order to learn more about the evil force they are fighting. The three celestial beings accompany them, explaining the power of The Dark Thing and why Meg and Charles's father is fighting it. When they finally arrive on Camazozt, Mrs. Whatsit explains that the children will have to go on without them, but they will each receive a gift to help fight off the evil force. The gifts are really just reinforcements of the traits the children already possess. Meg's gift is a pair of thick glasses.

As Meg, Charles and Calvin walk through the town, they notice that everything around them is exactly the same. Everything moves to the same pulse, controlled by IT, a large brain-like thing. The children decide to go confront this thing at the CENTRAL Central Intelligence Building. Even though it is dangerous, it is their only choice. Upon meeting IT, the man with red eyes, Charles instructs the others not to look into his hypnotic eyes, but he does not follow his own advice. Charles thinks he can outsmart the man but soon finds himself under his spell. Charles, under control of IT, is instructed to lead Meg and Calvin to Mr. Murray.

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