What is the Conference & Event Sector?

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

The conference and event sector is an important part of the hospitality and tourism market. This segment tailors to corporate and private gatherings for only a few to thousands of participants for conferences, meetings, and special functions.

The Conference and Event Sector

Let's imagine you are the events and conference manager at a large hotel that has facilities to handle functions for up to 10,000 people. You cater to corporations that hold meetings, trainings, and conferences for employees and professionals. You also offer extensive options to individuals and groups that host one-time events and personal celebrations, like retirement parties, reunions, weddings or other special events, and small gatherings.

Within the hospitality and tourism industry, there is an important segment that focuses on conference and events. This is a sector that includes meetings, expos, gatherings, and special events. It includes corporate and private functions that are held in a variety of venues, from hotels and conference centers to events facilities and party functions.

The variety of conferences and events is unique and will vary to meet the needs of the organization or group wanting to hold a gathering. One of the challenges in this sector is being flexible to the individual needs of each party and offering appropriate solutions. As the manager, you focus on supporting each group and exceeding their expectations. This requires effective problem solving and thinking out of the box.

Event Management Skills and Abilities

Picture this: you have been managing the plans for a training conference hosted by a beauty supply company. There will be about 125 hair stylists at your hotel for an all-day training class. However, the models for the conference missed their flight and will not be available to have their hair done as part of the training. Because you are quick to think on your feet, you offer to help find 5 people who are willing to have their hair cut and colored by the supply company. The client is thrilled because they have no local contacts. Your quick thinking and problem solving skills saved the training conference and ensured your client had a successful event.

Some of the essential skills and abilities needed in event management include:

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