What Is the Role of the Customer Service Manager?

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

One of the most critical roles in a company is that of the customer service manager. Learn how this manager impacts the success of a business while helping to create loyal customers.

What Is a Customer Service Manager?

Providing great service is a critical aspect of a successful business. Consequently, the customer service manager is one of the most important elements in an effective business strategy. A customer service manager hires, trains, and supervises the customer service team, ensuring good service is provided to customers.

Hiring and Training Employees

It is the responsibility of the customer service manager to hire a team of dedicated and committed employees who have the desire to take care of customers' issues. Because many customer service jobs are entry-level, it is the manager's job to ensure new employees receive thorough training as to how to deal with frustrated customers and resolve their problems. Providing initial training is not adequate. Ongoing training, practice, and skill refinement is necessary to strengthen the skills of the customer service representatives.

Other Activities

A customer service manager may also be called on to help with other relevant activities. This may include controlling expenses and increasing revenue. He or she may also be asked to help set up policies and procedures, especially concerning customer service plans. The manager often understands the needs of the customers, the frequently asked questions, and the most common problems. By establishing policies and procedures that handle those issues, the company can demonstrate its commitment to providing excellent service to customers.

Can I Speak to the Manager?

When an employee is helping a customer and the customer is not satisfied, he or she may request a manager. There are other times that an employee is not able to help or calm a customer, and the employee may ask the manager to step in and help with the customer's problem. In either situation, a customer service manager must be able to listen to the customer, calm the customer down, and create a reasonable solution that will create a satisfied customer. Being talented in communication and listening are two critical skills of a good customer service manager.

Employee Training

Training employees is another role of the customer service manager. Let's imagine you are the customer service manager for a local auto parts store. You are responsible for making sure all of the clerks and staff members are not only aware of customer service standards but are trained to use these skills with customers who come in the store. You've noticed some of the employees have slipped in their skills and have been abrupt to customers who ask questions. Even though these employees are very knowledgeable and talented, the way they are communicating with customers is concerning.

You determine it's time for a series of short, focused training classes to make sure everyone has the same knowledge. You also want to ensure the expectations are clear for all of the employees. Each week there is a staff meeting where all of the employees gather an hour before the store opens. You arrange to spend ten minutes of each of the next six meetings reviewing different aspects of customer service.

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