Whole Body Listening Activities

Instructor: Sharon Linde

Sharon has an Masters of Science in Mathematics and a Masters in Education

Working on whole body listening with your students? This lesson gives an overview of the practice and details repeatable activities to use with your students so you can hit the ground running with this important concept.

Whole Body Listening

Many teachers are catching on to the importance of teaching students whole body listening, or using the entire body to 'listen' to a speaker. Why? Children aren't born knowing how to fully pay attention to one another; much of what they know about social interaction is learned subconsciously through interactions. Like many important concepts, direct teaching is essential to ensure success.

Whole body listening needs to be taught directly, modeled, and practiced often. Typically, we refer to 'whole body listening' as using all parts to pay attention, things like:

  • Eyes on the speaker
  • Ears on the speaker
  • Lips closed and resting
  • Hands still in laps
  • Feet on the floor or resting
  • Shoulders facing the speaker
  • Brain thinking about what is being said
  • Heart giving time, love, attention and patience to the speaker

Use these fun and engaging activities to help your students get on the ball with whole body listening.

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