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Some species of lion have become endangered, and their populations are getting smaller. In this lesson, learn why lion numbers are decreasing, including the destruction of their habitats, loss of food sources, and lack of protection. Updated: 11/27/2019

Endangered Lions

Lions have many nicknames, like 'King of the Jungle' and 'Top of the Food Chain', because they're very powerful animals that can survive in different environments. Unfortunately, there are several different species, or types, of lions that are considered endangered. This means that the numbers of these lions are decreasing, and they could possibly become extinct, or no longer exist. There are several reasons why these lions are endangered. Let's find out why their populations are getting smaller.

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  • 0:53 Disappearing Prey
  • 1:16 Hunting Dangers & Diseases
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Habitat Destruction

One of the main reasons why lions are disappearing is that their homes are being destroyed. Many endangered lions live in grassland and forest areas of Africa and India. As the human population increases, these lion habitats are destroyed in order to create more homes and buildings for people. Without an area to call home, endangered lions often die off.

Disappearing Prey

While a buffalo or zebra might not sound like a tasty snack for you, lions would think it delicious! They often hunt for prey, or animals they can kill for food, around their habitats. If human development is causing a decrease in the lion population, can you guess what's also happening to their prey? Because there are fewer animals available, lions have to search harder for food to survive.

Hunting Dangers & Diseases

Not only do lions have to search for new homes and prey, but they also have to avoid hunters as well. Some people hunt and kill lions as a sport or for recreation. Farmers might hunt lions because they pose a danger to their farm animals. Still other hunters try to kill lions for their fur.

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Additional Activities

A Poster Campaign for Lions

In this activity, students are going to apply their knowledge to spread the word about the endangerment of lions. To do this, students will create a poster campaign that they can share with the world to inform them about the dangers lions face. Poster campaigns are one of the most common ways to advertise an idea or message, and there are many famous ones that you can show students as examples, such as the Hope campaign for Barack Obama or the Got Milk campaign for milk.

Older students can create a full campaign with multiple posters that all center around the same theme and design, such as the examples above. Younger students might only create one poster. For example, older students might have one poster for each of the reasons for endangerment that all have a similar visual theme. younger students might include all this information on one poster only.


Lions are an endangered species and it's important to raise awareness about their problems so that we as humans can help them. That's exactly what you'll be doing in this activity as you create a poster campaign to inform people of the dangers lions face. You can create one or more posters that all have a similar appearance and inform people about the dangers lions face. Your posters should include all the reasons lions are endangered as well as at least three things we can do to help them. To make sure your poster has all the correct information, look over the checklist below.

Criteria For Success:

  • Posters all have one visual theme
  • Posters include all the reasons that lions are endangered based on the lesson
  • Posters include at least three things we can do to help save the lions
  • Posters are colorful, attractive and easy to read
  • Posters include at least two images per poster

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