Why Communication Matters in the Workplace

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  • 0:01 Effective Communication
  • 0:42 Why Communication Matters
  • 1:37 How To Communicate
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Jennifer Lombardo
Effective communication is a 2-way information sharing process that strengthens the workplace by helping employees understand directions, complete tasks and become successful. It also provides a vital key to cooperation and productivity.

Effective Communication

Pablo's Soft Pretzel Factory is very close to going out of business. For the last three months, Pablo has been traveling for business, and Joe, the manager that he left in charge, is turning out to be a horrible communicator, which has negatively affected the business. Sales have dropped! Pablo has his work cut out for him if he wants to save the business. He realizes that effective communication does matter in the workplace.

Effective communication is a 2-way information sharing process that strengthens the workplace by helping employees understand directions, complete tasks and become successful.

Why Communication Matters

Pablo has learned why communication matters:

  • It provides the key to cooperation and productivity.
  • It solves problems more easily because it creates an environment where a manager recognizes customer complaints and employee recommendations and develops answers and solutions.
  • It creates harmony and trust, which leads to good work relationships and productivity.

The end result was that Pablo immediately fired the old manager and started to evoke a plan of action to fix his pretzel business. Pablo quickly held a meeting for all employees, where he promised that he would listen and respect any work requests. He also planned business fun days to create much needed harmony and camaraderie. The first one was a water park excursion - company paid in full. Finally, Pablo also handed out a list of his promises to the employees.

How to Communicate

Pablo's list explained the ways that he would communicate effectively in the future. The first way would be to communicate clearly so that there would be no room for double meanings, which are words having two different, potentially-confusing meanings. In addition, he would give specific examples. One of the new procedures depicted a new cleaning process for the pretzel equipment. Pablo provided a printed list of steps and a poster that showed the process. Lastly, he walked the employees through the procedure himself.

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