Why Do People Fall in Love?

Instructor: Gaines Arnold
This lesson looks at the scientific and research-based conclusions that have been reached regarding why people fall in love. Along with a brief discussion of a hypothetical scenario several general rules of attraction are considered.

Why Do People Fall in Love?

After work, Harry and his buddies generally went to a favorite watering hole and had a few drinks. They teased the mostly attractive, female wait staff and asked the bartender to call them cabs if they drank too much. Harry was a little quieter than the other guys which meant that he did not participate in the flirting as much. He liked to enjoy the fun, but stayed in the background as much as possible.

During these outings, Harry's buddies were always trying to hook him up with one of the waitresses or other young ladies at the bar. But, he always hung back and just smiled. Sure, he went on a few dates, but Harry never seemed to find a true connection; one that would lead him to something beyond a temporary relationship. Like most men (and women), Harry had no idea when love would find him, so he kept looking for it in random relationships just like most of the rest of the world.

Is There a Secret to Finding Love?

Love, an intense emotion associated with deep feelings of affection, has been studied by scientists and lay people alike for many years and no one seems to have an exact formula for finding it. There is no secret, but research has concluded that certain factors can affect attraction and compatibility. Whether they cause someone to fall in love is a trick of chemistry (both the emotional and physiological) and timing. Some conditions exist such as whether an individual is looking for love, if they are open to signs that may lead them to a temporary or long-lasting mate, or if they still have some amount of trust in the option of love. If the basic conditions are met, then it is possible for the stars to align and two people to find love.

What are Some Love Finding Basics?

Attraction, a quality you see in someone else that evokes pleasure, is actually not as complicated as it seems. Why do college students often hook up and get married? Why do people meet in a church singles group and find love? How about those people in the grocery store who find love at first sight? All of these instances of finding love have been researched and there are some simple reasons behind them.

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