Why is System Analysis Important?

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Lyna Griffin

Lyna has tutored undergraduate Information Management Systems and Database Development. She has a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters degree in Information Technology.

In this lesson, we define a system and learn about the process of system analysis. We examine the different stages of systems analysis that makes it so important in system design.

What Is System Analysis?

A system is defined as the organized relationship between any group of components which are linked or working together to achieve a common goal. Today, we live in a world of systems. Our world is a system of natural and man-made factors working together to sustain life. In developing any sort of system, there has to be some sort or plan, organization, and order. The tidier a room the easier it is to find things. In a messy room, items can be hard to locate.

System analysis is defined as the process of identifying problems and organizing the facts and details of a system. System analysis can also be described as the meticulous breakdown of a system into its organized components or parts. It's important to know what works with what, what causes something to work or fail, and what can work independently.

This process helps you to know the ins and outs of a system. System analysis can occur in either the developmental stage of a system or it can be conducted on an existing system in which observations are made on the running system for troubleshooting and system improvement purposes. In either case, it serves the same purpose.

System Analysis Importance

System analysis is important because it provides an avenue for solutions in the system through the various tasks involved in doing the analysis. Through these various tasks, the overall quality of a system can be easily modified or improved and occurrences of errors can ultimately be reduced. Let's go over them one at a time now.

1. Identification of the System's Objectives

At this stage, we're examining why the whole system was formulated and its main objectives or goals. In this process, the system is defined to determine what the client requires in order to clarify the objectives of the system. Although these objectives are usually dictated by the needs of the client, the best path of development and implementation needs to be determined as well.

2. System Model Design

The model of the system is the responsibility of the system analyst. Each step in the design and implementation of the system is simplified and modeled into components and subsystems. The component models are assembled into the entire system.

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