Working in Restaurant Customer Service: Tips & Training

Instructor: Savannah Samoszuk

Savannah has over eight years of hotel management experience and has a master's degree in leadership.

Working in a restaurant requires a unique set of skills and training. This lesson will take a look at customer service tips for restaurants and training.

Restaurant Customer Service

Think about the last time you dined in your favorite restaurant. What is it about that particular restaurant that keeps you coming back? Aside from the food, there is a good chance the people who work there are the reason you keep coming back. You are not going to go somewhere if the servers are rude to you or don't seem to care about you. This is why restaurant customer service is so important. A restaurant can have amazing food, but without the right service, it can be hard to be successful.

Customer service is the assistance and communication between a company and the customers. Some companies have the simple task of helping a customer purchase a product or service. Restaurants have an even bigger task of assisting customers with their meals and providing an experience. We will take a look at the training needed and tips for customer service in a restaurant.

Menu Knowledge Training

The first piece of training for restaurant customer service is menu knowledge. In order to provide exceptional customer service, the staff needs to have extensive knowledge of the food and beverage products served at the restaurant. The staff also needs to know about daily specials and be able to communicate these to the customers. It is not enough for the staff to just know the names of the menu items; they should know what comes in each item and have tasted each item. Imagine a server telling you that the dish you ordered is not spicy at all, and then you receive it and it is spicy. Some restaurants that excel in customer service have their staff regularly try the menu items in order to provide detailed information about each item.

Also, the staff needs to know about the menu items in order to ensure the safety of the customers. Lots of customers have dietary restrictions or food allergies. The staff needs to be able to alert the customer if the dish they are ordering has anything that would pose a danger to them. In order to provide excellent customer service in a restaurant, the staff needs to have knowledge of the menu.

Dining Etiquette Training

Another important area of training needed for customer service is in dining etiquette. In order to provide quality customer service, the staff needs to know traditional etiquette. For example, they need to know to serve the females at the table first before serving the males. The staff needs to know which customer ordered which plate. It is not good customer service to have to ask the customers who ordered each plate. The staff also needs to make sure to keep drinks refilled and check in frequently to avoid making the customer ask or flag down the server. All of these are items that staff can be easily trained on in order to give great customer service.

Tips for Restaurant Customer Service

Some aspects of customer service are easily items that can trained on such as menu knowledge and etiquette. There are other areas of restaurant customer service that are needed but are not necessarily trainable skills. First, friendliness is needed in order to provide customer service in a restaurant. As we discussed, you can have the best food in the world, but if you have staff that are not friendly, you will not be able to keep customers. A tip for restaurants wanting to improve their customer service is to make sure they are hiring friendly staff.

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