Workplace Coaching to Build Team Cohesion & Enthusiasm

Instructor: Joseph Madison

Joseph received his Doctorate from UMUC in Management. He retired from the Army after 23 years of service, working in intelligence, behavioral health, and entertainment.

This lesson identifies coaching techniques that team leaders can use to build cohesion within their teams. We'll also discuss different ways to improve team enthusiasm and spirit.

Workplace Coaching

Laura, a manager at Energy Inc., has a team of very successful and educated employees. A few of her workforce came from the sales department, one from human resources, another from engineering, and the rest specialize in energy. They are all excellent in their field and usually choose to work alone. However, these individuals were brought together to create a new, efficient energy-saving program for the company to market. Laura now has her hands full: she is trying to find a way to integrate such an independent group.

Even if you have an excellent team of hard workers who are skilled at their jobs, getting your employees to work together can be challenging. Diverse backgrounds may create obstacles for team cohesion. These obstacles can also hinder the enthusiasm and positive environment for your team. So how do you coach your team into a happy and successful group?

How to Build Team Cohesion

Team Cohesion

Laura's first step is to create team cohesion. Cohesion is the process of taking individual parts or people and uniting them into a whole. Since the new energy program needs everyone's involvement, it is vital for the team to work together. To create a more homogeneous team, Laura must:

  • Create reachable goals: To begin with, it's important to create goals that are easy to attain but also worth reaching for. This allows your team to get a win early, which helps to create a team atmosphere. Over time, creating more challenging goals will make the successes even sweeter.
  • Pair different personalities together: Your whole team is not always going to work together, so take the time to pair some of your more unique personalities for parts of projects. This will have them work together and learn how to understand each other, which will create a more cohesive team.
  • Develop team building activities: Get to know your workforce: what do they like to do? Start having outside work events, go to a driving range or an escape room, or just go and get something to eat. Relating to each other outside of work will build relationships inside of work as well.
  • Do not pick favorites: Just like with children, you shouldn't pick a favorite employee. The more all of your team feels they are treated the same, the more they will feel like equals.
  • Encourage individually and as a team: If you use a lot of encouragement, each employee will feel more supported. This allows them to open up to you and their peers.
  • Facilitate don't dictate: If you promote an environment where your employee's problem solve together, with you as the compass, they will learn how to navigate better as a whole.

Laura integrates each of these tactics throughout her team, and over time she observes that they are working better together and are more invested in the end product. However, she knows something is missing: enthusiasm.

How to Grow Team Spirit

Having an enthusiastic team not only makes them more productive, but it also makes the work place much more enjoyable on a day-to-day basis. Laura sees that some of her team is sluggish, and some call in sick quite frequently; both can be signs of employees just not feeling happy to come to work. Laura can take action by:

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