World War II Unit Plan

Instructor: Anthony Cognata

Anthony has taught multiple grade levels in middle school, coached across contents, and has a master's degree in Educational Leadership.

Use this unit plan to explore World War II with your students. You will find a variety of lesson plans and ideas for you to utilize as you take them through the war that truly changed the entire world.

WWII Unit Plan

World War II was arguably the most significant event in history. From the massive scale of the war and the number of people whose lives were affected, to entering the nuclear age, understanding the war is critical to understanding the world stage today. This unit focuses on the war, American involvement, the sacrifices made by all Americans, and the immediate aftermath of the war. It is particularly well suited to lead into units on the Cold War, the Civil Rights Movement, Women's Liberation Movement, and modern American history. This unit plan is appropriate for upper middle and high school students.

America's Entrance

At this point, hopefully your students have background information in regards to WWI and the state of international affairs since that first war. America made a veiled effort to remain neutral up until the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, so that's the perfect place to begin with this FDR's Pearl Harbor Speech Lesson Plan. After having students learned the basics of the day and reaction of people, you can have students step back to see the larger timeline of events and impact with this Pearl Harbor Simulation Lesson Plan. Finally, you can discuss the huge task that lay ahead of America, preparing for war, and the steps that had already been taken to prepare with this U.S. WWII Mobilization Lesson Plan.

The War

After taking stock of America's entrance into the war, you can begin focusing on the events of the war itself. Lessons such as the following help give students a clear understanding of what occurred:

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