World War Z Essay Topics

Instructor: Tammy Galloway

Tammy teaches business courses at the post-secondary and secondary level and has a master's of business administration in finance.

''War World Z'' by Max Brooks is about the invasion of zombies, the government's plan to conquer them and the lack of preparedness of its citizens. Students can expand their knowledge of the novel while exploring the main characters and themes and completing a literary analysis.

War World Z

War World Z by Max Brooks infuses zombies into the characters' personal lives. The characters outlined in the novel have many experiences and life stories involving the war on zombies. The novel maintains our interests and keeps us deeply involved in the human struggles while trying to maintain a sense of reality in a crazy world. Let's explore some topics your students might use for their World War Z topics.

The Many Characters of World War Z

  • Identify your top five favorite characters, list at least three characteristics of each, discuss their story and explain why you chose them.
  • What does the interviewer mean by the 'human factor' and how does he come to this rationale? Do you believe the interviewer accurately includes the 'human factor?' Explain.
  • Describe Redeker's stance on humanity? What are your ideas about humanity? Are they similar or different from Redeker's? Explain.
  • We can associate the word 'Father' with Catholicism. Does Father Ryzhkov's name accurately describe himself? Why or why not? Discuss a story, movie or television show where someone has used religion as a shield for evil doings.
  • Wainio appears more frequently in the novel than other characters. Why do you believe the author included him throughout the storyline? What advantages does the reader gain from learning about Wainio?
  • Sharon shares her recollection of the zombies from a child's perspective. How does this differ from the adult's account of the zombies?
  • Describe how the media and films portray officers in the military. How does D'Ambrosia's reality differ?
  • Which character has firsthand knowledge of the zombies? Describe his explanation of them. As you read the book, did his account of the zombies make them seem real? If you were the author, what elements would you have added for more authenticity?
  • What is PTSD? Who was diagnosed with it and why? Do you think our military doctors would label someone as having PTSD if they described a zombie encounter? What other diagnosis could they render?

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