Writing Skills in Customer Support Tickets & Emails

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  • 1:08 Write Correctly
  • 1:51 Write Precisely
  • 2:42 Write Systematically
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Angela Petit

Angela is a technical writer with a doctorate in English composition & technical writing.

Customer support tickets and emails are a convenient way for anyone to request help online. Learn four easy ways to write effective responses to support tickets and emails.

Customer Support Tickets & Emails: The Introvert's Best Friend

I have a confession: I dread contacting customer support by phone. I once let a new wireless router sit in its box for a year before calling for help with installation. That's right. I am an introvert, and I'm not the only one. For people like me, calling customer support is a torture we avoid at all costs.

Imagine my joy when the customer support ticket and email were invented. Introverts, rejoice! Now, we can receive help in writing without interacting in real time with another human being.

Customer support tickets and emails are a convenient way for anyone (not just introverts) to receive help online. Tickets and emails give customers time to describe their needs fully, allow support agents to word their responses accurately , and create a written record to guide future communication.

However, with convenience comes responsibility. Support staff have an obligation to write effective responses to tickets and emails. This lesson offers four tips for writing solid responses:

  • Write correctly
  • Write precisely
  • Write systematically
  • Write like a human being

Write Correctly

First and foremost, a response to a customer support ticket or email must use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Writing correctly is non-negotiable in customer service. To protect their company's credibility, agents should take the time to refresh their grammatical memory.

Fairly or unfairly, readers regard strong writing as a sign of a strong mind, while they believe that mistakes in writing signal a less capable person. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling are the nuts and bolts of writing. Just as a machine will not work if its parts are not assembled correctly, a response to a support ticket or email will not succeed if its subjects, verbs, commas, and apostrophes are not assembled properly.

Write Precisely

Customers want answers to support questions quickly. To succeed, support staff must write precisely. An agent can increase customer satisfaction by:

  • Accurately restating a customer's need or question
  • Using short and simple (subject-verb-object) sentences
  • Choosing concrete words ('rose') over abstract ones ('nature's romantic bloom')

By following these three simple rules, you'll avoid a long winded response like this:

'I see that you have submitted this ticket to our IT Help Desk in an effort to determine whether the social media account you created under your name has been compromised by a person or persons hitherto unknown to you.'

Now, you'll be able to create a concise response like this:

'Our Help Desk has investigated your claim that your social media account has been hacked by someone you don't know.'

Write Systematically

Customer support offices have systems for managing responses. Nevertheless, support staff will at times be overwhelmed by tickets and emails. To manage these crunches, agents must speed up response time.

An agent can establish personal response targets that are faster than the company norm. Or an agent may group tickets and emails into pools of simple versus complex requests and answer simple requests first, freeing up time for complex ones.

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