Wuthering Heights Chapter 6 Summary

Instructor: David Boyles

David has a Master's in English literature and is completing a Ph.D. He has taught college English for 6 years.

In Chapter 6 of Emily Bronte's ''Wuthering Heights'', Catherine's brother Hindley takes control of Wuthering Heights. He consoles himself by spending time with Catherine, until he is attacked by the Linton family.

The Outsider

Chapter 6 of Wuthering Heights highlights Heathcliff's status as an outsider. The chapter begins with Hindley taking control of Wuthering Heights and treating Heathcliff like a servant. It ends with Heathcliff getting attacked for his race and class by the Linton children at Thrushcross Grange.

A New Boss

As the chapter opens, Catherine's brother Hindley returns from college for the funeral of his father. He is now the master of Wuthering Heights and he and his wife, Frances, rule the place with an iron fist. Frances doesn't like Heathcliff and this quickly wears off on Hindley, who starts treating Heathcliff like a servant, despite the fact that Heathcliff is basically his adopted brother.

But Heathcliff is able to escape Hindley and spend time with Catherine, which they try to do whenever they can. They spend their time exploring the moors and basically enjoying each other's company while shutting everyone else out.

But then one night, Heathcliff comes home alone. Mrs. Dean asks what happens, and he tells the story. He and Catherine had been out exploring and decided to peep in on the Linton family at Thrushcross Grange. They see that Thrushcross Grange is bright and well-lit, unlike Wuthering Heights. They also see the Linton children fighting over a dog and think how silly that is. They are too in love to concern themselves with something so trivial.

But then the Linton children catch them spying. Catherine and Heathcliff try to run, but Catherine is attacked by the Linton's dog, Skulker. They are both then dragged into the cottage by a servant, and the Lintons proceed to insult Heathcliff for his race and class, calling him a 'gipsy' and 'son of a fortune teller'.

Heathcliff is tossed out of Thrushcross Grange, but Catherine remains behind as the Lintons tend to her wounds and generally treat her like royalty. Mr. Linton also pays a visit to Hindley and berates him for letting Catherine run around with the likes of Heathcliff. Because of this, Hindley threatens to banish Heathcliff if he so much as talks to Catherine again.

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