Wuthering Heights Essay Topics & Questions

Instructor: Sharon Linde

Sharon has a Masters of Science in Mathematics

Help your students deepen understanding of key plot points, characters and setting of 'Wuthering Heights' with this lesson. Essay topics and questions are presented on varying levels so all students in your class can find success.

Posing Essay Topics and Questions

When working with complex novels like Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, students can often feel overwhelmed and a bit lost. Wuthering Heights has complex characters and plot twists and turns that can be confusing, so it's natural some students will struggle while reading this text. What can you do to help?

While essay questions are a great way to help determine student understanding when used in a summative manner, they are often overlooked as a teaching tool before and during reading as well. Essay questions, by design, go deeper into the content of the book and require students to use those higher-order thinking skills we're always talking about, like synthesizing and analyzing.

Posing essay questions before, during and after reading, then, is a smart way to make sure students get a solid understanding of all aspects of the story. When answering essay questions, students will need to reflect on their own feelings and experiences, apply surface-level understanding of the text, and cite evidence to support their thinking. This allows you to gauge their understanding for both grading purposes and to determine future teaching topics, helping you to differentiate along the way.

Essay Topics and Questions for Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

So let's get started. You know your students best, so we'll let you chose when and where to use these essay questions--before, during or after reading. Essay questions typically require students to state their answer in a thesis-like format and defend their thinking with evidence. You may choose to modify format depending on your class needs.

Social Class

Front and center in topics for this novel is the role social class plays on characters. Students can gain a better understanding of why things happen by thinking about these essay questions.

  • What impact does Heathcliff's social class have on his personality, choices and destiny?
  • How does social class impact us in our lives today? How is the same or different than in the novel?
  • Do the character's social standings impact their choices and destiny's or are these a product of their personalities?


Characters in Wuthering Heights seem set on love and revenge. Discuss how this topic is used in the novel.

  • How are love and revenge connected in Wuthering Heights?
  • What role does revenge play in Wuthering Heights?
  • What does the presence of revenge in the novel say about love?


Your students visual images will be sparked by Bronte's rich description of setting. Help them use this technique to build comprehension. Take a look.

  • What influence does setting have on the novel?
  • How does Bronte's description of setting drive the plot?
  • How do the character's feelings about the setting, especially Catherine's love of the moors, help us understand them?

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