Zeus Facts: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Crystal Ladwig
How would you like to have superpowers and be in charge of all other people with superpowers? That's what it was like for Zeus, king of the Greek gods. Keep reading to learn more about this super powered leader.

Who was Zeus?

Zeus is perhaps the best known of the gods in Greek mythology. Mythology is a collection of stories shared by a culture to explain history, nature, or customs. Greek mythology is among the most exciting and is led by Zeus, king of the gods. Zeus (also known as Jupiter in Roman mythology) led the gods in battles against other gods and people and is the mythological father of many children who were both gods and normal people without super powers.

Many statues were made to honor Zeus. He was usually shown as a strong man with a mustache and beard He was also usually shown holding a lightning bolt.
Statue of Zeus

Rise to Power

Before Zeus and the other Greek gods, the Titans ruled the earth. They were mythical gods who were children of the earth and land. Their leader was Cronus. When he learned that one of his children would take his throne, he decided to eat them to keep that from happening. But his wife saved one, Zeus, and hid him from his father. When Zeus grew up, he led a revolt against his father. He disguised himself and approached his father and convinced him to drink a special potion. But it was poison. After drinking it, Cronus threw up and Zeus's five brothers and sisters came out of his father's body. Cronus's children, led by Zeus, now ruled the world.

Zeus Rules

Zeus and his family ruled the world from atop Mount Olympus, a real mountain found in northern Greece. In Greek mythology, Mount Olympus was heaven and the home of the gods. Zeus's brothers Poseidon and Hades ruled the sea and the underworld (land of death). But Zeus was the most powerful of the gods. His superpowers included controlling the sky and weather and hurling lightning bolts as weapons. He could also shape-shift and copy people's voices. Zeus saw the world from Mount Olympus, rewarding good and punishing evil.

Temples were built to honor Zeus. People would go there to worship him and to give things to him in hopes that would keep him happy with them.
Temple of Zeus

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