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  • 0:01 Zeus' Family Tree
  • 0:23 Where Did Zeus Come From?
  • 1:12 Zeus' Many Relationships
  • 1:48 Zeus' Kids
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: April DeBord

April has taught Spanish and English as a Second Language and she has her Ed. S. in Foreign Language Education.

In Greek mythology, Zeus is known as the king of the gods. Not only did he come from a long line of gods and goddesses, but he also fathered many children who became gods and goddesses. Let's take a look at his family tree.

Zeus' Family Tree

Could you imagine having around 100 children? How about being married to your sister? These are all true things about Zeus' life. Zeus is one of the most popular characters in Greek mythology, a story handed down throughout the ages that is not true. Zeus has a lot of great stories which involve many people in his family. Let's check some out!

Where Did Zeus Come From?

Zeus' dad, Cronus, was the leader of the Titans and the god of time. Cronus' wife, Rhea, who was also his sister, was the Titan goddess of fertility and Zeus' mom. Cronus was given a prophecy, which means he was told about something that was going to happen to him in the future, that his children would overthrow or get rid of him. Therefore, out of the six children that Rhea gave birth to, Cronus ate the first five!

Rhea got really mad about this, so she had Zeus in secret. Rhea then fooled Cronus by giving him a rock to swallow wrapped up in a blanket. Cronus now thought he was safe. However, when Zeus got older, he mixed an elixir, a magic potion, into his father's drink. This caused his father to throw up Zeus' now fully-grown siblings, and they joined Zeus in his fight against Cronus. That sounds pretty disgusting, doesn't it?

Zeus' Many Relationships

Zeus, the god of the sky and thunder, became the ruler of all the gods and lived on Mt. Olympus, which was the home to many gods and goddesses. He had many relationships with women, both goddesses and human women. Although it is impossible to get an actual total, it is believed Zeus had around 100 children with these women. You can see a few of the most important in this picture of Zeus' family tree.

Family Tree of Zeus

Zeus swallowed his first wife, Metis, because he was afraid she would have a child who would become more powerful than him. He then married Hera, his sister, and she was known as the queen of the gods.

Zeus' Kids

Here, you can see the names of eight goddesses who had his children. Some of those children include:

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