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Why is an annual group plan right for your school?

Teach all levels and improve test scores
Teach all levels from remedial to advanced placement

With a massive library of over 22,000 videos on all major subjects, has lessons for every grade level and type of learner. Teachers can assign lessons based on an individual student's educational needs.

Help improve test scores

All of our courses are aligned with core curriculum standards and help schools achieve their ideal test scores by providing short video lessons and additional test materials.

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Better engage students and make lesson planning easy
Engage students using technology

Teachers can mix traditional classroom lectures with our short, fun videos to keep students of any age and education level interested in learning. Teachers can play videos right in their classroom or assign videos as homework.

Make planning easy for teachers

With lesson plan templates, project rubrics, classroom games and many other teaching resources, you can create a curriculum that empowers teachers to add fun videos into their classes easily and effectively.

How to Purchase a School Plan

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By signing the quote, your school agrees to our terms as well as payment within 30 days. We will send you an official invoice from our accounting department.
Once we receive your payment in the form of check or credit card, we will send your license code so that your teachers can start using!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this going to lessen the importance of my role in the classroom?

Nope! In fact, support and guidance from teachers has never been more important. In the digital age, students have abundant access to information. However, it doesn't mean they won't struggle to understand, analyze, and apply it. Educators provide the crucial support necessary for helping students grasp tough topics by building on the content of the lessons, making connections to other topics, and relating the content to the student's interests. lessons are an effective curriculum supplement, but they were not designed to replace an educator!

Will I be expected to be a technology expert?

No, our site and support services were designed to meet the needs of all educators, from the tech savvy to the true beginner. We've made every process simple— from assigning a lesson to creating a virtual classroom. If there are any hiccups along the way, our support team is happy to help!

Who will support the implementation?

Did you know as part of your subscription, offers lessons for teachers on how to do everything from flipping a classroom to using assistive technology? These lessons provide countless ideas on how to implement online learning as part of your curriculum. Also, depending on your school, there are a variety of district, school, and team resources available for teachers that are interested in using online lessons in their classroom. Check with your administration about the type of support you might receive from educational technology specialists or other educators.

Will the leadership at my institution support me in adopting it?

While no two educational leaders are alike, one thing is common among most: a passion for student success. makes it easy to support individualized learning paths with bite-sized videos covering every academic subject, quizzes and exams for extra practice, and tracking capabilities for student progress. We also offer discounted pricing for school plans with at least 4 teacher accounts. You or your administration can contact our support team for more information about bringing to your school!

Where am I going to find the time to learn how to use it?

We understand a teacher's time is very precious and "free time" is limited at best. Fortunately, it's easy to start integrating lessons into your curriculum right away without much effort. Each lesson covers topics in a brief, easily-digestible format, so a great first step is to begin a class period with a whole-class viewing of a lesson followed by discussion. When you're ready for something more, such as assigning lessons and quizzes to students as homework, we have plenty of easy-to-follow guidance on the website. If you ever get stuck, just contact our support team. They will be glad to help!

What if it doesn't work out for my students?

We get it! Sometimes you need to go in another direction and try something different. While our support team is very willing to help answer questions that you may have about making lessons a part of your students' learning experience, should you choose to try something different, you can cancel your membership at any time.