100th Day of School Project Ideas

Instructor: Shelby Golden
Use these project ideas to make the 100th day of school special for your students. Read this article to get directions and supplies for these fun projects.

100 Items Collage

This project is a fun way for students and their families to prepare for the 100th day of school.


  • Poster board
  • Students can decide what items they want to use for their collages


This is a take home project that students should work on with their families. Instruct them to create a collage of 100 items to bring to school on the 100th day of class. They can use whatever kind of items they want, including beads, pieces of candy, paperclips, buttons and more! They also get to choose what they create with their collage, though you can suggest they create a giant 100.

Math to 100

Have students work together to complete 100 math problems!


  • A poster with a list of 100 math problems


Prepare the math problems before class. Decorate the poster and leave spaces for your students to fill in the answers. You can focus on whatever kind of arithmetic problems your students are currently studying. Have students divide the problems up and work together to get them all solved! You can even have a countdown for the last 10 problems to build excitement! Hang up the poster with all the answers when it's completed.

Quick Tip

You can help students review the types of problems they'll solve with this chapter on math basics. This chapter is full of short, engaging video lessons that can help your students quickly go over the types of math problems they're learning about in class.

Animals by the 100s

Use this activity to help students see what they know about animals.


  • Paper
  • Markers


Have your class work together to see if they can come up with 100 different kinds of animals. You can have them work in groups to come up with ideas. After your students have named 100 unique animals, have them work on drawing pictures of the animals. You should make sure they label each animal. Hang up the pictures on one wall so that your students can see all the animals they know!

Quick Tip

Your students can check out this chapter titled Animal Facts for Elementary School to learn more about the animals they picked out. These lessons cover a wide variety of animals, providing students with a great way to review the animal life on Earth!

You in 100 Years

This activity has students imagine what they'll be like in 100 years.

You'll Need:

  • Paper
  • Art supplies (crayons, markers or paint)


Instruct your students to create a picture of what they think they'll look like in 100 years. You can offer suggestions regarding hair color, glasses, or even the types of clothes they might wear, but let them be creative with their pictures! Afterward, you can hang them up for a group picture!

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