4th Grade Science Projects

Instructor: Adam Nystrom

Adam owns a Master's degree in Professional and Digital Media Writing. During his time as a graduate assistant, he developed lesson plans for upper-level English courses.

If you like science, then performing experiments should be right up your alley. This article has some great ideas for your fourth grade science project, and also tells you what kinds of questions you can ask along the way.

What Fonts Are Easily Memorized?

If you've written a paper on the computer, you've probably been told to select a specific font, like Times New Roman. Have you ever wondered about some of the other visually striking fonts, and how they can affect someone's memory of what's on paper? Type a few sentences, exactly the same letters, in different fonts and hand them out to the class while they try to memorize exactly what is on the handout. Once they are finished, you can start recording this data:

  • Which font was the most memorized?
  • How did the font affect certain words in the sentences?
  • What kind of time limit was used?

What Brand of Gum Has the Longest-Lasting Flavor?

When you get rid of your gum, you've probably wondered how to make the flavor last longer. With this experiment, you can not only find out, but use your results to share with the class. Get several different brands and flavors to sample, and give the same to your classmates to get their results. Once available, consider these ideas:

  • How did the individual flavor affect the longevity?
  • If anyone blew bubbles, did that affect the length of the flavor?
  • If the gum was coated (like a crystal shell), did it have more or less flavor time?

What Surfaces Affect the Speed of Snails?

Have you ever watched a snail move on the ground and taken notice of just how slow it moves? What would happen if you picked it up and placed it on the grass instead, or vice versa? You can host your own snail race in a classroom, and place the snails on different textures to see how their bodies react to the environments. Jot down these notes:

  • Do natural or man-made surfaces factor into their speed?
  • Could the weather inside the classroom affect their performance?
  • Is their sense of smell motivating them to move to the finish?

What Else Can I Do?

Study.com has a science for kids course that covers plenty of fun biology, physics, and weather topics, along with other branches of science that are sure to give you an idea for your fourth grade science project.

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