504 Plans in NY

Instructor: Shelby Golden
Find out how 504 plans can help students in New York. You'll get information on setting up and maintaining a 504 plan in this state and learn about some of the accommodations these plans provide.

Who Are 504 Plans For?

504 plans are designed to assists students who have physical or mental impairments. These impairments must somehow limit a student's ability to carry out a major life activity, such as communicating, walking or concentrating. Impairments can be continuous, temporary or episodic and include conditions ranging from attention deficit disorder and diabetes to learning disabilities and seizure disorders.

Setting up a 504 plan allows students with these impairments to get the accommodations they require to participate in a traditional classroom setting or any extracurricular activities. Not all students with medical issues require a 504 plan, however.

What Do 504 Plans Provide?

There are no set accommodations associated with 504 plans; instead, accommodations are determined by the individual needs of students. These accommodations can include special modifications to a test format, scheduling changes that allow students extra time to get from one class to the next, access to tape recorders, extra excused absences or physical changes that improve a school setting's accessibility. Students might also receive some form of medical support, including assistance from school nurses to store and administer any required medications.

Students will not receive therapy, counseling or any other related services through a 504 plan, though they can still obtain these services if they are needed by completing a special education evaluation.

How Are 504 Plans Set Up?

Generally, parents or school staff can refer a child for 504 services by submitting a written form to the 504 coordinator or officer associated with the child's school. This form can typically be found on a school district's website.

After evaluating a student's test scores, medical records or other relevant data, the 504 coordinator will then set up a meeting that should include the child's parents or guardians and individuals from the school who are knowledgeable about the student. During this meeting the student's needs will be considered, along with the best way to provide help.

A notice of eligibility should be provided to the parents or guardians of a student if he or she qualifies for help under a 504 plan. This plan can then be accepted, but is only applicable for one school year. Plans must be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure a student is still receiving the proper accommodations. Parents or guardians may need to complete an annual notice of re-authorization to ensure students continue to receive the help they need.

How Can I Learn More About These Accommodations?

You can learn about some of the instructional methods, monitoring strategies and classroom adjustments that can be implemented with this course on Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities. You can also check out these lessons on special and inclusive education to find out more about 504 plans as well as other types of special education programs available to help students with disabilities get the most out of their education. These lessons are short and focused on providing the information you need about this subject. You'll be able to move at your own pace, complete quizzes that check your understanding of this subject and contact special education experts if you get stuck at any point.

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