ABC Games for Kids

Instructor: Nicky Davis
Playing alphabet games can be a terrific way to cement a student's grasp of the ABC's. Check out this article for game ideas, and more helpful resources for teaching the alphabet.

ABC Games

Make more of the alphabet than a mere list of 26 sounds. With these fun games to engage students, you can take some of the tedium out of memorizing the ABC'S.

Alphabetical Pictures

Divide students into pairs, and give each pair a set of 26 pictures of items, one beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Have the students arrange the pictures into alphabetical order. To create more of a challenge for your students, don't include an image for all 26 letters in the set of pictures, and instead allow for some letters to be repeated.

Upper Case/Lower Case

For this memory game all you'll need is a set of 52 flash cards, 26 with capital letters and 26 with lower case letters. Turn all the cards face down, and have students take turns flipping over cards to try and find matching pairs of lower-case and upper-case letters.

ABC Scavenger Hunt

Head out into nature on a scavenger hunt! Have students find and record items beginning with as many letters of the alphabet as they can. Come back to the classroom and compile lists of what items students found for each letter.


Come up with a list of 10 categories, such as foods, animals, places, TV shows, books, movies, first names, etc. Have students write down the list of categories on a piece of paper. Then pick a letter and give students 2 minutes to write down something in each category that begins with that letter. Share favorite answers among the group. You can always add more categories, and play with as many different letters as you like.

Alphabet Bingo

For this game, you need blank 9-square Bingo cards, and a set of picture cards featuring items beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Students can choose any letter of the alphabet to place in the center of their Bingo card as the free square. Then simply draw picture cards from the set. If a student has the letter that goes with the item on that picture card, they can fill in a square on their Bingo card by drawing a picture of the item. The goal is to fill in all the squares of the card.

Alphabet Learning Resources

Check out the resources below to find even more literacy teaching guidance and inspiration. With comprehensive video lessons on effective teaching methods and guides various teaching strategies, these chapters have you covered!

  • The K-8 Language Development chapter includes lessons in symbolic language, stages of language acquisition and how to assist struggling readers.
  • K-8 Phonemic Development covers lesson topics such as the importance of phonological skill to literacy, and different teaching strategies to encourage and improve reading among students.
  • Effective Literacy Instruction offers lessons focused on engaging teaching techniques, as well as strategies for teaching literacy to different types of learners.

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