Accuplacer Test Locations


Where to Take Accuplacer Tests

Accuplacer tests are taken in high schools, colleges and universities by students preparing to enroll in classes. In fact, more than 2,000 schools at both the secondary and postsecondary levels administer the Accuplacer tests to approximately 2.5 million students.

How to Find a Test Location

If you're a postsecondary student, you'll need to contact your college or university to find out where on campus the exams are administered. Tests are typically taken in a school's testing services or admissions office. If you're attending a college with multiple campuses, testing offices may only be located on certain ones.

If you wind up in a situation where you need to take the tests prior to registering at a school out-of-state, you might be able to make an appointment to test at a nearby school. It's a good idea to contact a local school's admissions or testing services office to learn its testing policies for students from other colleges.

High school students can simply take the test at their school.

What to Expect at a Testing Location

Many postsecondary schools require you to bring a government-issued or school ID that has a photo, regardless of whether you show up for walk-in testing or schedule an appointment in advance. You might also be required to store personal items in a locker outside the testing room.

How Accuplacer Results Are Used

College and University Accuplacer Use

Many colleges and universities in the United States use the Accuplacer tests to help set curriculum programs for students who are planning to pursue studies. The Accuplacer tests can determine if students are ready for credit-level courses or if they need to take remedial courses to prepare themselves for postsecondary studies in specific subject areas.

High School Accuplacer Programs

Although less common, high schools throughout the United States may opt to use Accuplacer tests to identify areas of weakness in student performance and provide academic and career counseling to students based on their test results. Some schools use results as part of a program designed to help students be ready to pursue college-level studies.

In these instances, students who do not have scores on standardized college admissions tests, such as the ACT, take the Accuplacer tests. Students who earn high enough scores may be permitted to enroll in classes at the local community college. Students who do not earn high enough scores take a diagnostic test that is used to determine what areas they need to improve their performance in. Students then receive help preparing to retake the Accuplacer test and information about their postsecondary options.

Where to Find Accuplacer Study Materials

Earning a high enough score on the Accuplacer tests can save students time and money because they will not need to take remedial courses before taking college-level math and English classes. One way to ensure that you have reviewed all of the material you will be tested on is to use a reputable study course, such as the ones in this chart. These courses are designed to take you through all of the content areas on each of the Accuplacer tests. They allow you to review material anywhere you have a smart phone and internet connection. You can also work on lessons at your convenience, since the courses are self-paced.

ACCUPLACER tests are used as assessment tools for college placement, and you have multiple study options to help you pass these tests. You can sign up for study programs and find online resources to help you learn what's on the tests. You can also utilize technology so that you have flexibility in your study schedule. Read on to learn more.

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