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The test's official web site,, offers multiple resources to help you study for the exam, some free and some offered at a low cost. Materials available for a fee include a year-long subscription to an online preparatory course as well as a test guide that includes practice exams and instructions for tackling each of the test's math, English, reading and science sections.

Other resources, such as an online pdf file that includes testing strategies, a practice test and an answer key, are available free of charge. You can also check the website to get an ACT question of the day and try your hand at sets of sample questions. Sample writing prompts and essays complete with scoring explanations are available as well.

Other Site Features is also where you can sign up for the test online and receive instant verification from your desired testing center. Individuals under the age of 13 and students who do not wish to use a credit card to pay for the exam can receive instructions for registering by mail. The steps required to request special testing accommodations are outlined here as well. Additional information can be found on:

  • Available test dates
  • Registration deadlines
  • Score reporting

Exam Prep Materials from also offers several resources to get you ready for the ACT, including comprehensive study guide courses focusing on individual test sections. These courses feature short video lessons that walk you through exam content as well as practice quizzes and tests designed to measure your understanding of ACT exam material. You can access these courses on your mobile device and contact instructors if you have any questions during your studies. These items are available for a nominal fee. Use the links below to view these resources: also offers a free ACT tips & tricks resource to help you study for your exam and achieve your optimal score. This resource includes study strategies, test-taking tips, and a comprehensive breakdown of all of the most commonly used math formulas on the ACT.

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