ACT Test Registration Information

How to Register for the ACT

You can register for the test online after creating an ACT Web account. This account allows you to select a test center and test date, sign up for the optional writing portion of the ACT and determine which institutions will receive your test scores. You can also upload an identification photo and print your testing center admission ticket.

Test takers under 13 years of age or those who are unable to pay with a credit card must sign up for the ACT by mail. Students requiring testing accommodations or arranged testing will also need to submit registration materials by mail. The registration process for these test takers is outlined below.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities may seek test site accommodations, extra testing time or special testing. Examinees will need to visit the official ACT website to review the policies for such requests and download a testing accommodations request form. Request forms must be submitted along with all supporting documentation by mail. For test takers seeking test site accommodations or extra time, these materials can be submitted after registering online. Examinees applying for special testing must complete the registration process entirely by mail.

Arranged Testing

Testing date and location accommodations are available to students who live more than 75 miles from an available testing center or can't test on Saturday due to religious reasons. Students seeking accommodations on these grounds should visit the ACT website to download the arranged testing request form, which will need to be submitted with payment and any supporting documentation before the deadline for their selected test date.

When to Register for the ACT

The ACT is administered six times annually. However, students in New York State should be aware that they do not have the option of testing in February. Exam dates typically fall once a month in:

  • February
  • April
  • June
  • September
  • October
  • December

You must sign up for an exam around five weeks before the test date to meet the regular registration deadline. If you miss it, late registration is available up to three weeks before the test for an additional fee. Standby testing is also an option should you miss the registration deadlines altogether.

Current ACT Testing Fees

The current fee for the basic ACT test, which includes score reports for four colleges, is $39.50. The ACT test with the optional writing section costs $56.50. Additional charges will be incurred if you need to sign up after the regular registration deadline or request other services, such as extra score reports or changes to test dates and locations.

Standard ACT testing fees apply for students who request testing accommodations. Extra fees are required if you sign up for arranged testing outside the U.S., U.S. territories or Canada. Students should visit the official ACT website to review all potential ACT testing fees.

Prepare for the ACT

Thoroughly preparing for the ACT can help you score your highest on your initial go, saving you the time and expense of taking the test a second time. offers an ACT Prep: Practice & Study Guide course that breaks down each subject covered on the ACT into digestible parts, allowing you to concentrate your studies on areas where you need the most help. The fun and engaging video lessons are designed to help you retain the information better. To help gauge your understanding of the material, you'll also have practice questions, lesson quizzes and chapter exams to show you where you could use some additional study time. You can also choose to focus on each section of the ACT:

You can also check out our free ACT tips & tricks resource for quick-reference test-taking tips, study strategies and commonly used math formulas from the exam. There is also a free companion pdf for studying on the go!

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The ACT is a standardized college admissions test that can include a writing portion along with multiple-choice sections in four other subject areas. Read on to learn where you can find preparation materials for this exam and get other important test information.

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