ACT Test Scores by State

State ACT Test Scores

ACT scores are computed for each of the English, math, reading and science sections by adding the number of correct responses and converting the figure to a scaled score. No points are subtracted for incorrect answers, and students can receive up to 36 points for each section. The composite score is calculated by taking the average of all four test section scores.

You can see how your scores stack up against those of other test takers in your state by checking out the table below, which lists 2015 average ACT composite test scores for each state.

Connecticut 24.4 Illinois 20.7Alabama 19.1 Alaska 21.1
Delaware 23.5 Indiana 22.1Arkansas 20.4 Arizona 19.9
District of Columbia 21.1 Iowa 22.2Florida 19.9 California 22.5
Maine 24.2Kansas 21.9Georgia 21.0 Colorado 20.7
Maryland 22.7Michigan 20.1Kentucky 20.0Hawaii 18.5
Massachusetts 24.4Minnesota 22.7Louisiana 19.4Idaho 22.7
New Hampshire 24.3Missouri 21.7Mississippi 19.0Montana 20.4
New Jersey 23.2Nebraska 21.5North Carolina 19.0Nevada 21.0
New York 23.7North Dakota 20.6Oklahoma 20.7New Mexico 20.1
Pennsylvania 22.9Ohio 22.0South Carolina 20.4Oregon 21.5
Rhode Island 23.1 South Dakota 21.9Tennessee 19.8Utah 20.2
Vermont 23.5Wisconsin 22.2Texas 20.9Washington 22.4
Virginia 23.1Wyoming 20.2
West Virginia 20.8

Score Reporting

Additional data on how students performed in comparison to their peers can be found on the score reports. On the score report, you'll see a national percentile rank representing the percentage of students who earned scores at or below your own.

ACT scores are available anywhere from ten days to eight weeks after the test date and can be accessed through the online account you used to register. During the registration process, you can elect to send your score reports to as many as four colleges. After the test date, you can request additional score reports for a fee.

Additional ACT Info

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