AEPA Test Accommodations


AEPA Test Accommodations Policy

Individuals who require accommodations while taking any of the AEPA exams can apply for such arrangements according to the AEPA exam accommodation policy.

Several types of test takers who may be eligible for accommodations. These include test takers with disabilities, nursing mothers, and test takers who require more than the standard allotted time to complete the exam. These groups are covered in greater detail below.

Test Takers With Disabilities

There are two types of accommodations available to individuals with disabilities - those that are available without needing pre-approval and those that require pre-approval.

Accommodations that do not require pre-approval include things like access to testing facilities for individuals in wheelchairs, as all testing centers are wheelchair accessible. Additionally, there are a number of devices, or comfort aids, that individuals are allowed to bring to testing centers without needing pre-approval. These include EpiPens, magnifying glasses, hearing aids, inhalers, medical alert bracelets, insulin pumps, face masks, and crutches, among other items.

Other accommodations, such as the use of a trackball mouse or other medical devices in the testing room, require pre-approval. In order to be approved for one of these accommodations, you will be required to submit the Alternative Testing Arrangements Request Form after registering for your exam.

Some additional documentation will be required if you need some additional type of accommodation. You will need to specify what type of accommodations you need on the Alternative Testing Arrangements Request Form. You will then need to provide the Institutional Verification of Documentation, which allows you to forego having to submit documents verifying your need for accommodations directly to AEPA. This document must be completed by a professional from the Office of Disability Services at the college or university you attend.

If you are unable to submit the Institutional Verification of Documentation, you will need to provide documentation that verifies your need for accommodation. All of these documents must provide information about the diagnosis of your disability, be timely, signed by a relevant and qualified professional, and provide a recommendation for how your disability should be accommodated. You may also need to provide the results of a psychological diagnostic test, results from a CAT scan, MRI, EEG, or another test, or a full educational history that includes information about past accommodations received.

Nursing Mothers

If you are a nursing mother that must bring any specialized breastfeeding equipment to the testing facility, you can apply for approval for these items. After registering for your exam, you will need to fill out the Alternative Testing Arrangements Request Form that details what type of equipment you need to bring. You should then receive an email within three weeks that provides any additional information.

Test Takers Who Need Additional Time

For individuals who have a disability and require additional time to complete the exam, you can follow the process outlined above for test takers with a disability.

Individuals who speak English as a second language are also eligible to apply for additional time. To do so, you will need to submit the Alternative Testing Arrangements Request From as well as documentation proving your claim. This could be in the form of a statement signed by a professional from your university or college or a copy of a birth certificate or visa.

Preparing for the AEPA Exam

Individuals who need accommodations for the AEPA exam may be particularly interested in learning about what resources are available to them online to help them prepare for these tests.

You may want to visit the AEPA website to check out the study guides and test frameworks that are available there. These resources provide detailed information about each exam, such as the content covered as well as sample questions. also provides a large number of AEPA Exam study guides that may make studying for the exams easier. These guides can help you gain further insight into what will appear on the exam and can help you identify any areas that may need extra attention.

Additionally, has prepared over 40 AEPA practice tests that may be especially helpful as you prepare for the day of the exam. These practice tests include sample questions like those that will appear on the actual test.

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