AEPA Test Retake Policy


AEPA Exams Retake Policy

Individuals who want to become teachers in Arizona must pass one or more of the Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments (AEPA) in order to receive the appropriate certification. If you do not pass an exam on your first attempt, it is possible to retake the exam according to the AEPA retake policy.

In order to retake a failed exam, you are required to reregister for whichever test or subtest you did not pass. Before retaking a test, you must wait 30 days from the time that you originally failed the exam.

Preparing to Retake an AEPA Exam

If you do not pass one or more of the AEPA exams on your first attempt, you may want to spend time evaluating how you originally prepared for the tests as well as your score performance.

A very valuable tool in preparing for an exam retake is the score report from your first exam attempt. This report will help you identify the areas on the exam in which you performed poorly so that you can spend more time focusing on those specific topics in your study efforts.

There are two types of score reports that you may receive, depending on the exam that you take. The NES exams, or the National Evaluation Series tests, are national tests that are not specific to the state of Arizona, while the AEPA exams are customized to the state. The level and subject that you plan to teach will determine which exams you must take.

AEPA Score Reports

For the AEPA exams, the score report will show your performance on each subarea of the exam in a graphic display. For multiple-choice sections, you will be able to see if you answered few, some, many or most/all of the questions correctly. For the performance assignment sections, the score report will indicate if your response is thorough, adequate, limited, weak, or unscorable.

NES Score Reports

For the NES exams, you can see the percentage of multiple-choice questions you got right compared to the total number of questions included in a particular test domain. Diagnostic info for the constructed-response items will show how many points you earned compared to how many points are possible.

Online Study Resources

You may or may not have used study resources when you originally prepared for the AEPA exams. If not, there are a wide variety of resources available online that can help ensure you pass the exam when you decide to retake it.

The AEPA website provides study guides and content outlines for each of the examinations, which you can use to gain a better understanding of what's on a test. You can use these resources in addition to the score reports to develop a study plan that targets your weaknesses. also provides a number of online study materials that you may want to use as you prepare to retake the AEPA exams. You may find the AEPA study guides to be helpful, as they break down each exam into subareas so that you can focus on the topics that proved most challenging when you originally took the exam.

You may also find it particularly helpful to take advantage of's online practice tests, of which there are over 40. These AEPA practice exams can be valuable in helping restore your confidence and ensure a more successful retake.

Prospective Arizona teachers may be required to sit for several certification examinations, including a test of essential academic skills, an assessment of professional knowledge, subject area tests, and a test on the U.S. and Arizona constitutions.

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