AFOQT Score Information

What Are AFOQT Scores Used For?

The Air Force Officer Qualifying Test, referred to as the AFOQT, is designed to measure your mathematical and verbal skills as well as your skills in areas like aviation and spatial relationships. Based on your test results, you may qualify for the second half of an AFROTC program, an officer training school or positions like an air battle manager or pilot.

Although you can take the test twice, only your most recent score will be used for qualifying purposes. In addition, the Air Force will only accept scores from Form T of the test, which was adopted in 2014.

AFOQT Scores Explained

The AFOQT has 12 test sections: verbal analogies, arithmetic reasoning, word knowledge, math knowledge, reading comprehension, situational judgement, self-description inventory, physical science, reading tables, instrument comprehension, block counting, and aviation. There are 550 test questions, which should take you about five hours to complete.

Your performance in these 12 test sections will be used to calculate composite scores in seven areas: combat systems officer (CSO), air battle manager (ABM), verbal, situational judgement, academic aptitude, and quantitative.

Composite scores appear as percentiles on your score report. This number refers to the percentage of candidates who scored as well as or lower than you. Below is a breakdown of the seven composite score areas and the tests they're comprised of:

  • Verbal: This score is derived from your performance on the word knowledge, reading knowledge, and verbal analogies test sections. You must achieve a verbal score of 15 in order to be considered for officer training.
  • Situational Judgement: Your score for this test section measures your ability to serve as a leader and manage interpersonal issues.
  • Quantitative: Your math knowledge and arithmetic reasoning test results are combined in this composite score. A score of ten is needed for officer eligibility.
  • Pilot: This composite score demonstrates your ability to serve as a pilot and combines results from mathematics knowledge, instrument comprehension, and table reading test sections. It also includes your score from the aviation information test, which tests you in areas like aeronautics and perceptual speed. Score requirements will depend on the position you're seeking.
  • Combat Systems Officer (CSO): Your block counting skills, table reading skills, math knowledge, and word knowledge are measured by the CSO score. Minimum CSO score requirements also vary by position.
  • Air Battle Manager (ABM): This score combines your results in the verbal analogies and math knowledge test sections as well as those in table reading, instrument comprehension, block counting and aviation information.
  • Academic Aptitude: This composite score combines your results in the quantitative and verbal skills test sections. There is no required score for this category.

How to Check AFOQT Scores

You can visit the Air Force Personnel Center website within 8-10 days of taking the test. You will obtain your scores by providing your last name, social security number, and the number of your testing center.

If you prefer, you can also contact the Air Force Personnel Center at 1-800-525-0102 to receive your scores.

How You Can Prepare for the AFOQT

Online Test Preparation Materials

You can visit the Air Force Personnel Center's website to access a variety of test preparation materials. The materials available include an informational overview of the test, a prep course, and table reading keys and charts. It must be noted that the preparation materials on the website can only be used for individual study, not group sessions. This is per the Air Force Instruction 36-2605 policy. also provides access to a variety of test preparation materials. You can access a practice test and study guide through the following links:

Additional Study Resources

Along with online materials, you could also purchase test prep books via a bookstore or online. Be sure that any materials you purchase are for the current version, Form T.

Study aids for tests like the ACT or SAT can also be beneficial in preparing for the math and verbal sections of the AFOQT.

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