Alcohol Awareness Activities

Instructor: Leah Salyer
Alcohol awareness provides teachers with the opportunity to talk with their students about the realistic dangers of alcohol and how it can affect their lives. Read on to discover activities that can be used when studying alcohol awareness in the classroom.

Balance and Vision

This activity is best for grades 6-8 and will help students learn how alcohol impairs vision and balance. Have students stand in small groups and take turns throwing a ball around to each other and catching it. Then, stop and have all students spin around in circles a few times. As soon as they stop, get them to start throwing the ball around to each other again, noting that it's a lot harder after spinning around, which offers an example of how alcohol affects balance. Then, select a few students to write sentences on the board before spinning around 10 times fast. Ask the students to rewrite their sentences immediately after spinning to demonstrate how alcohol affects vision. Effects of Alcohol on the Body is a great resource to expand on this activity.

Alcohol Advertisements

Students will be split into groups to review print ads and discuss their messages and target audiences. They will then compare the ads to facts about alcohol and alcohol abuse. This will help students identify the harmful effects of alcohol that aren't mentioned in the ads. For more information on alcohol use and abuse, check out these lessons on Consumption Trends, Alcohol Consumption Patterns and Alcoholism.

Making Better Choices

Present students with a few different scenarios where the child in the scenario chooses to drink alcohol. An example might include 'Tommy's friends are all starting to drink alcohol after school, so Tommy starts drinking with them.' Encourage the students to come up with an alternate scenario where Tommy makes a better choice. An example might be, 'Tommy's friends are all starting to drink alcohol after school, so Tommy makes some new friends.' After the teacher walks the class through a few of these scenarios, have the students create a drawing of someone making a better choice. To further assist students in making better choices, take a look at this lesson on Personal Wellness.

Alcohol and the World Around You

Four circles should be drawn on the board with the middle circle being labeled 'body'. Label the other circles friends and family, activities and community. Split the class up into four groups, assigning each group a circle to work on. Students will participate in a discussion where they will come up with a list of how alcohol affects their friends and family, body, activities and community. The class will then come together and share their lists while the teacher puts them all up on the board continuing the discussion of all the different areas of life that can be negatively affected by the use of alcohol. To further discuss the harm alcohol can cause to the human body, check out these lessons on Identifying Alcohol Poisoning, Alcohol and the Family and Alcohol's Effect on the Blood.

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