AP Exam Locations Near Me


AP Exam Locations

Typically, you'll take your Advanced Placement (AP) exam at the same school you take your AP course. To find out if your school participates in the AP program, check with your AP coordinator. Even if you can't take AP courses at your school, your guidance counselor should be able to get you in touch with a nearby school where you can enroll in AP courses.

If you're home schooled or studying overseas, you can contact the College Board directly to find out which schools offer the AP program. The College Board will provide you with an AP coordinator's name and contact information at the closest location willing to offer your test.

AP Exam Dates

You'll generally need to register for AP courses no later than March 15. Home schooled and foreign-based students who need to arrange their own accommodations need to know which courses and exams they want to take, and these can be found on the College Board website. AP exams are held in May and are typically administered at U.S. high schools. In 2014, more than four million AP exams were administered.

Test Day Advice

Before you set out for your test location, make sure you have your school or government issued identification. If you're unfamiliar with the school where you'll be taking your AP test, you might want to plan to arrive early to ensure you can find the location. Some schools administer AP tests in classrooms, while others use cafeterias, gyms or libraries. Make sure you know your room assignment.

If you're taking the test at a school other than your home school, you should use your home school's code on your test booklet, not the code for the school where you are taking the test. Homeschooled students will be given a special code.

Getting Ready for Your Exam

Study.com's AP test prep courses can help you ace your test and provide you with details about test dates, score reporting and exam formatting. The self-paced instructional videos and quizzes also give you a refresher on topics covered on the actual tests. Depending on the course or exam you're taking, you can find several prep resources to help you brush up for test day:

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