AP Exam Registration Deadline

Register for AP Exams

The registration process is fairly simple if a student attends a school that offers AP classes. Simply contact the AP coordinator at your school and this individual will order the exam, collect fees and provide the test information.

Students who are homeschooled or who attend a school that doesn't offer AP courses will need to take a few more steps. These individuals will need to contact AP services by the March 1 deadline to get the contact information for local AP coordinators. Students will then need to contact the AP coordinators by March 15. These students must let the coordinators know that they are homeschooled or attend another school. Coordinators should also be notified of any needed testing accommodations for disabilities.

Cost of AP Exams

The fee for each AP exam is $92, although this may be higher depending on proctoring or administrative costs. If an issue arises that requires you to take an exam during the late-testing period, you may be required to pay an additional $45 fee. Depending on your financial position, you may be eligible for a $30 fee reduction, as well as additional state or federal funding.

Preparing for AP Exams

There are more than 30 AP Exams available through the College Board. This organization also offers testing materials that students can use to prepare for the exams. Some of these items are offered free of charge, including practice questions.

Study.com offers many resources pertaining to AP Exams. You can check out the General AP Exam Information chapter to look at info on scoring, different AP Exams offered and much more. The following Study.com courses can prepare you for many different AP Exams:

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