AP Exam Registration Form


Layout Of The Form

The layout of the AP Exam registration form is simple and easy to follow. The form itself can vary from one school to the next, but it typically includes the following sections and information:

At the top, you will find the place for your personal information including name, phone number, and email. You'll then see a list of all of the exams such as European history, statistics, psychology, and other subjects. For each subject that you want to place in, you must either circle or check off the corresponding exam name. The form will also include an area for you to indicate how many exams you will be taking. This is to ensure that you will receive the requested amount of exams. Some forms also include a signature line for either a parent/guardian or for you and a parent/guardian.


The registration form also includes a space for the fee you will pay for the exam(s). In this section, you must add up the total cost of your exam(s) and write that on the form. The standard fee for the AP Exam is $92 per exam. The fee for exams that are taken in locations besides the U.S. and its territories, U.S. military base schools, and Canada is $122 per exam. If you have financial need, you may be eligible for a reduced fee of $53 through state and federal programs.

Test Dates

Be mindful of when your specific test dates are. The 2016 AP Exams will be held over two weeks. The first week is May 2-6 and the second is May 9-13. Make sure you check in with the test coordinators to find out the exact location for each of your exams. You can find out the times for exams on the College Board website or from testing coordinators.

Preparing For The AP Exam

Like any exam, careful preparation is essential to success. Study.com offers over 20 AP Exam prep courses in subjects like European history, macroeconomics, English literature, psychology, biology, and chemistry that you can take advantage of. These courses come with easy-to-follow lesson transcripts, videos, and practice quizzes. There's also a practice exam you can take at the end of each course. If you have any questions about the material, you can ask one of our instructors for help and receive online assistance!

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Many colleges grant credit or advanced placement to students with qualifying AP Exam scores. Read on to find out when AP Exams are offered and get information about exam costs and preparation.

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