AP Statistics Exam Format

Format of the AP Statistics Exam

Going into the AP Statistics exam with solid knowledge of the test format can be very helpful. Before you leave for the test, make sure you have a graphing calculator with statistical capabilities. Not only is this acceptable, but it's very highly recommended.

The exam is divided into two sections, each accounting for 50% of the total score:

Question Type Allotted TimeNumber of QuestionsImportant Information
Multiple Choice90 minutes 40 *Questions answered correctly are included in your final score
*Students are not penalized for incorrect answers
*Questions left blank do not hurt or help the total score
Free Response90 minutes 6 *One investigative task is included, requiring students to creatively apply statistical knowledge to show understanding of multiple topics
*Five short answer queries are included, which examine if students can solve statistics or probability problems by connecting ideas from at least two content areas

The table below shows the different topic areas from which questions will be asked, along with how much of each you can expect to see.

Statistical Inference 30-40%
Exploring Data 20-30%
Anticipating Patterns20-30%
Sampling and Experimentation 10-15%

What AP Scores Mean

All Advanced Placement exams are graded on a scale from 1-5, with 5 being the highest score possible. Earning a 5 on the AP Statistics exam is the same as acing the matching course. Students who get at least a 3 on the test will likely get both advanced placement and credits or one of the two.

Other grade equivalents of AP scores are as follows:

  • Earning a 4 can become an A-, B+, or B
  • Earning a 3 can become a B-, C+, or C

Preparing for the AP Statistics Exam

Reviewing the basics of statistics could help you as you complete more challenging problems on the AP Statistics exam. Study.com's student-friendly video lessons, practice quizzes, and interactive assessments are available anytime, anywhere, so you can study at your own pace, right up until test day. The following courses are available for your exam prep:

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