ASCP Test Retake Policy

Can I Retake an ASCP Test?

The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) offers over 20 certification exams through its Board of Certification (BOC). While each test may be a little different, the retake policy is the same for all of them.

According to ASCP guidelines, you can take an exam under the same eligibility route up to five times. If you fail to pass the exam after the fifth attempt, you are no longer eligible for that exam unless you can fulfill requirements for an alternate eligibility route (when available).

How Do I Know If I Passed?

The first thing to figure out is if you passed the exam. ASCP exams are scored from 0-999, with 400 generally being a passing score. You will get an unofficial pass/fail result at the testing center once you've finished your exam. Your official score report will be available to you within four business days.

If you did not pass an exam, the official score report will clearly state that and provide a rundown of areas where you were more and less successful (remember, questions are classified by subject as well as difficulty). This report is meant to help you prepare for retaking the exam. In fact, this same report will contain all the information you need to begin setting up a new test. Do not attempt to register for a new exam until the official report arrives, regardless of the news you received in the testing center.

How Do I Sign Up for a Retake?

If you fail an exam and want to make another test attempt, you will still have to submit a new application in order to register for the retake. This application process does not require you to resubmit your eligibility documents as long as you fulfill the current work experience and education requirements for the certification route you're seeking.

Once the application fee is paid, you can select a new testing date. However, this cannot be within the same three-month period as the first exam, so there will be a bit of extra waiting (and ideally, studying) involved.

Keep in mind all of these policies only apply to candidates who sat for the exam and failed to achieve a passing score. If you did not pass the exam because you failed to arrive at the scheduled time, you must complete the entire registration process again from the beginning.

Where Can I Find Study Resources to Help Me Prepare?

When preparing for your retake, check out these resources available through Each of the courses is self-paced, allowing you to focus your study on the topics your score report indicated could use some extra attention. There are also quizzes to help reinforce your understanding of lesson material, and practice final exams provide further diagnostic info to help ensure you go into your retake fully prepared. Available titles include:

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