ASVAB Scores for Marines

ASVAB Requirements to Join the Marines

One of the first steps involved in joining any branch of the military is taking the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. Earning a score of 31 or higher on the arithmetic reasoning, mathematics knowledge, paragraph comprehension and word knowledge ASVAB subtests (also known as the Armed Forces Qualification Test) will qualify an individual to join the Marine Corps.

However, earning this score does not guarantee that an individual will be accepted. All applicants must meet several admissions requirements and pass a training program to become a Marine.


When individuals enlist, they may receive incentives from the military. These incentives are offered to individuals with AFQT scores of 50 or higher.

Scores for Certain Positions

An individual's subtest results can also be combined to arrive at composite scores that are used to determine his or her eligibility for different types of roles.

To join the Marines in a clerical role, an individual's verbal (VE) and mechanical knowledge (MK) scores are considered. A VE score is produced by combining the results of the paragraph comprehension and word knowledge subtests.

To determine an individual's eligibility to become a general technician, the Marines look at the combined scores from the verbal (VE), arithmetic reasoning (AR) and mechanical comprehension (MC) tests.

It is important to consult a Marine Corps recruiter and learn about the score requirements that apply to positions you may be interested in pursuing.

Other Requirements to Become a Marine

Age Requirements: Enlisted Marines must be no younger than 17 and no older than 28. Officers are required to be 18 to 27 years of age.

Citizenship: Officers must be U.S. citizens. Enlisted Marines must be citizens or be legal U.S. residents.

Physical Fitness: All applicants must pass a physical fitness test to qualify to join the Marines.

Education: Enlisted Marines must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Officers are required to have a high school diploma or equivalent and a bachelor's degree.

ASVAB Information

The 10 subtests included in the ASVAB are:

General Science Arithmetic Reasoning
Word Knowledge Paragraph Comprehension
Mathematics Knowledge Electronics Information
Auto Information Mechanical Comprehension
Shop Information Assembling Objects

Individuals taking the ASVAB have the option of sitting for a computerized test or a paper test.

The Computerized Test

The computerized test is self-paced, so an individual who completes one of the subtests can move on immediately to the next.

The computerized test has 145 questions and allows examinees up to 2 hours and 34 minutes to complete all subtests. The shortest section is the shop information test, which gives individuals 6 minutes to answer 11 questions. The longest section is the arithmetic reasoning subtest, which has 16 questions. Test-takers have up to 39 minutes to complete them.

The Paper Test

Examinees who take the test on paper must complete one subtest at a time and can only move on to the next subtest when the time limit expires. In this format, the shop information test is combined with the auto information test. Individuals are given a total of 2 hours and 29 minutes to complete all 9 subtests.

Retaking the ASVAB

Individuals have to wait a full month before they can take the ASVAB a second time. Another 60-day waiting period is required before a third attempt. After the third attempt, there is a 6-month waiting period before individuals can take the test again.

Preparing for the ASVAB

Access an ASVAB Study Guide to ensure you're ready for your ASVAB subtests. There are also practice and study guides for individual subtests that are available through the links listed here.

The ASVAB test measures the qualifications of individuals attempting to enlist in the U.S. military. Learn about the content of the test, the impact of results on a recruit's military career and resources you can use to prepare for this exam.

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