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The Association of Social Work Boards, or ASWB, provides several prelicensure exams for social workers in the U.S. and Canada. There are four categories of exams - Bachelors, Masters, Advanced Generalist, and Clinical - and the exam you take depends on your career goals. Test takers are assessed on their knowledge of human growth, development and behavior, and also assessment methods, interventions, and professional ethics.

Preparing for one of the ASWB exams is an important step towards a career in social work. To pass the exam, many test takers turn to ASWB prep materials to help them study. The problem is, with so many prep options, how are you to choose? The last thing most test takers want to do is waste hours trying to find study materials, since that valuable time could be spent studying.

Fortunately, we're here to help! We've compiled a list of several ASWB test prep resources with all the details you need, so you can choose the option that's right for you! Browse the list, find the best option, and then take that first step on your path to acing the ASWB.

ASWB Official Practice Test

The Association of Social Work Boards, makers of the ASWB exams, provide online practice tests for $85. These 170-questions practice tests use the same software used for the actual exam, which is a good way to get a feel for the test format. Once you purchase the test, you'll have 30 days to take it and review your results. These tests are only available for those who've registered for an exam, so make sure you have a test date already set before purchasing.

ASWB Guide to the Social Work Exams, 2nd edition

Also from the Association of Social Work Boards is their official study guide. This study guide offers content outlines for each of the four exams. These outlines provide a good overview of the topics covered by the exam, which makes this resource a good starting point for a more comprehensive study plan. Also included is an explanation of how the tests were developed and how to best develop a study plan. The book is available in either the print version for $20 or ebook version for $15.

Social Work ASWB Clinical Exam Guide, 2nd Edition

If you're planning on taking the ASWB Clinical exam, this study guide and accompanying app make a good study companion. The 400-page study guide is up-to-date as of 2018 and includes a complete content overview, a 170-question practice test with answer explanations, and test taking tips. Included with the purchase is a code to access a web-based app with additional materials that you can take on-the-go. You'll have the option to purchase either a paperback or eTextbook version for $90.

Pocket Prep ASWB Exam Prep

This is a good option for test takers that like to prepare with practice questions. Pocket Prep provides a free ASWB app for iPhone and Android for each of the four ASWB exams. The app contains hundreds of practice questions that will test your knowledge of important exam concepts. Once you've finished a set of questions, you can review the correct answers and even retry those you missed in a custom set of questions. The app lets you track your progress along the way to see how you're performing over time.

The online learning platform is the most complete collection of resources on the list for ASWB prep. offers a comprehensive collection of online courses, practice tests, and other study tools for each of the ASWB exams. Included in a membership is access to all four ASWB video courses, which cover all the exam material, hundreds of practice questions based on ASWB exams, and extensive practice tests. Each practice test includes an in-depth result report, so you'll know what you've mastered and what to study next. Also included is 24/7 access to expert tutors, a personalized study schedule tool, and ASWB logistic & test-taking information. Members gain access to all of's ASWB resources for one monthly subscription fee, which varies depending on the type of membership plan.

AP Prep Product Comparison

ASWB Official Practice Test ASWB Guide to the Social Work Exams Social Work ASWB Clinical Exam Guide, 2nd Edition Pocket Prep ASWB Exam Prep
Price 85 $15-$20 90 Free Membership price varies
Flashcards w/ Explanations
Comprehensive Content Overview
In-Depth Video Lessons w/ Transcripts
Physical Book or product
24/7 Access to Expert Tutors
Practice Tests/Questions
Digital Testing System
Detailed Answer Explanations
In-Depth Diagnostic to Identify Areas of Strength & Weakness
ASWB Logistics & Test Taking Tips
Built-in Personalized Study Planning System
A Good Option For... Great for those already registered for the exam and want to take one practice test before test day Test takers that want a broad overview of the four exams and some test taking tips Test takers that are looking for a comprehensive Clinical Exam content overview and one practice test A good option for test takers that like to prepare with practice questions Students that want a comprehensive digital test prep solution with lessons, practice tests, flashcards and more

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This article introduces the ASWB exams and explains what is on the tests, where the tests are offered and how much they cost. You'll also find information about study materials for the ASWB.

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