ASWB Test Cost


Fees for the ASWB Tests

Individuals take Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) tests after earning their bachelor's or master's degree in social work, or when they are pursuing their advanced generalist or clinical social work credentials. The ASWB is used to determine who is eligible to receive their social work license. Test-takers must pay the exam fees for the type of ASWB test they are taking.

  • Associate ASWB: In some locations it is possible to be licensed in the social work field without earning a bachelor's or master's degree first. The ASWB test for applicants with an associate's degree costs $230.
  • Bachelors ASWB: Those who are taking the ASWB after earning a bachelor's degree in social work must pay a test fee of $230.
  • Masters ASWB: Like the bachelor's ASWB, the ASWB that is taken after earning a master's degree costs $230.
  • Advanced Generalist ASWB: The advanced generalist ASWB test costs $260.
  • Clinical ASWB Test: Individuals who wish to qualify as clinical social workers must pay $260 for their test fees.

Additional Costs

Some test-takers incur extra expenses when taking their ASWB tests. For example, each jurisdiction can assess additional testing costs that test-takers are required to pay. It is important for test-takers to check on the policies and fees related to the region where they are taking their exam. There is also a $30 fee for changing the date or time when you are scheduled to take your ASWB test.

Individuals who pass the exam and need to have a score report transferred to a different jurisdiction than the one in which they originally applied for licensure will need to pay a $40 fee. The same cost applies for receiving a duplicate score report.

Payment Options

Individuals must pay their test fees when they register to take the ASWB test. Methods of payment individuals can use include:

  • Discover credit cards
  • Money orders (when registering by mail)
  • Visa cards
  • Certified checks (when registering by mail)
  • MasterCard

Individuals are not allowed to pay their test fees using cash. Personal checks are not accepted either.

ASWB Study Materials

An optional expense that prospective ASWB test-takers may choose to incur is the cost of study materials. Individuals can purchase an exam guide from the ASWB. It costs $20 for the print version and $15 for the e-book. A practice test is available for a fee of $85. It is accessible online. All of these materials can be purchased during the registration process.

Online courses are also available. Each course listed here has over 100 lessons that are designed to ensure individuals are fully prepared for the test and have reviewed all of the material that they will be tested on. The courses are online and allow individuals the convenience of using a smart phone, computer or tablet to work through lessons from anywhere they have an internet connection. The lessons can be completed as quickly or slowly as an individual chooses.

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