Best Free ACT Test Prep Resources


Free Practice Tests

ACT, Inc.

ACT, Inc.'s website offers a free downloadable publication that includes full-length practice tests (including the writing portion), test-taking strategies, information on the optional writing test, and advice on what to expect on test day. The practice tests come with a score key and details on how the writing portion is scored.

The site also offers sample test questions for each section of the test, including sample prompts for the writing portion. There are also many test-taking tips and an 'ACT Question of the Day.'

You do not need to provide any personal information to access these resources.

Additionally, ACT, Inc. offers The Real ACT Prep Guide for a fee.

The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review offers free practice tests, events, and seminars. Practice tests are offered online or at events called 'Rock The Test.' These events feature strategy sessions where you can learn methods of raising your score. In addition, you can take a full-length test in conditions that mimic those of the real exam. You will receive a personalized score report illustrating areas where you need more review and test fields that you've already mastered.

To take advantage of these resources, you'll need to register on The Princeton Review website. Then, you can search for online and in-person practice tests in your area.

McGraw-Hill Education

McGraw-Hill Education offers free online full-length practice tests. Each question on the practice tests come with a detailed explanation for the various responses. You can also choose a timed or untimed format for answering questions on the practice tests.

Problem-solving videos are also offered on this site. In the videos, an ACT coach will present various step-by-step strategies for solving ACT problems in the areas of reading comprehension, science, English, and math.

You can access these resources without providing any personal information at the McGraw-Hill Education's Practice Plus website.

This site also offers several fee-based publications that contain practice tests and strategies.

Free Tutoring

This site offers free ACT practice tests for each of the test sections. These tests come with videos that provide tutorial help on incorrectly answered questions. Flashcards are also available that allow you to practice math formulas and English grammar. This site also offers a variety of educational articles and guides, including a guide on test anxiety and a scoring guide that tells you how many questions you can miss to receive a certain score.

You won't have to download any of these resources, which can be accessed without providing personal information.

This site offers a personal ACT companion prep course. A personalized tutor gives you instant feedback on all the questions you answer incorrectly. The course adapts to your abilities and offers suggestions via e-mail on what you should be studying to fully prepare for the exam. The site also tracks how much time you spend using its resources and how well you do on the practice tests. In addition, you can create a set of electronic flashcards by using the site's vocabulary builder.

You must register to access the personalized course. If you prefer not to register, you can still utilize the site's word of the day and question of the day.

Additional ACT Prep

If you're looking for more than just practice tests and prep manuals, you might consider a low-cost alternative that provides a flexible and convenient way to get ready for the ACT.

  • Your paid membership with allows you access to an ACT Prep Course that covers the important topics tested on the ACT.
  • For added convenience, has courses that focus on each section of the ACT. You'll have access to courses that cover the English, reading, writing, and math sections in greater detail.
  • Note sure what you are looking for? Check out all of's ACT preparation materials.

Video lessons are coupled with practice quizzes to highlight what you learned in the lesson. Chapter exams and a final exam help you gauge your mastery of topics that you'll be tested on when you take the ACT.

Our courses can be accessed from any location using your mobile device and our instructors use engaging graphics and animations in each brief video lesson, making your review for the exam fun and easy.

ACT Exam Prep Information

The ACT is a standardized college admissions test that can include a writing portion along with multiple-choice sections in four other subject areas. Read on to learn where you can find preparation materials for this exam and get other important test information.

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