Black History Bulletin Board Ideas

Instructor: Nicky Davis
Creating African American history bulletin boards is a stimulating and informative way to honor Black History Month. Keep reading to find inspiration for your board and resources for learning more about African American history.

Bulletin Boards for Black History Month

Below, find ideas for bulletin board projects to celebrate Black History Month. Although the projects are described as group projects for a class, they can be created individually as well.

Harlem Renaissance Board

Assign each student, or group of students, a major figure from the Harlem Renaissance, such as Alain Locke, Zora Neale Hurston or Langston Hughes. Have them research this person's work, role in the movement and relationship to other figures. Then create a bulletin board of Harlem Renaissance figures, which diagrams how they were each connected to or inspired by each other.

Learn more about the Harlem Renaissance by checking out these video lessons on the Roaring 20's from

Civil Rights Movement Board

Create a bulletin board timeline of the major moments in the Civil Rights Movement. Assign groups of students to an event or moment on the timeline, and draw an image to represent that event.

Examine the different events that made up the Civil Rights Movement with this set of lessons on Protests, Activism, and Civil Disobedience

I Have A Dream Board

After listening to Martin Luther King, Jr.'s famous 'I Have a Dream' speech, task each student with writing his or her own modern 'I Have A Dream' speeches. Fill a bulletin board with pictures of the students, and quotes from their speeches.

Get more details on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s life while learning about civil rights and liberties with the lessons found in this Civil Liberties chapter.

Black Visual Artists Board

Assign each student an influential black visual artist, such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kara Walker or Jacob Lawrence, about whom they will write a short biography. Then have the student choose a favorite piece by this artist, and create his or her own version of this piece, in the same style. Fill the board with side-by-sides of the original work and the student art, along with the short biographies of the artists.

Use's lessons on Early 20th Century Art to learn more about African American artists of the 1920s.

African American Music Board

Divide the class into groups, giving each group a genre of music, such as jazz, blues, ragtime, R&B, hip-hop, Motown or soul. Have the students find album covers and images of important black musicians associated with their genre, and compile a collage of their images. Ask the groups to write an overview of the key elements and features of their musical genre as well. Then create a timeline bulletin board showing the evolution of black music, making each collage and blurb a point on the timeline.

Explore the jazz genre with the short and fun lessons on jazz music.

Influential Figures Board

Divide the board into sections, such as politics, art, literature, sports, media, etc. Then assign students a category and ask each student to bring in a bio and photo of a key African American leader in this field, to place in their section of the board.

Find out about African American leaders of The Progressive Era through's video lessons.