Calendar Math Activities

Instructor: Kimberly Elliott

Kimberly teaches college humanities and has a master's degree in humanities.

Understanding the fundamentals of the calendar system is an essential concept taught in early elementary school. Using the calendar daily, along with the following activities, can help strengthen other math concepts as well.

100th Day

100 Days Calendar

This activity practices counting and hones addition/subtraction skills. Start the year with a blank grid of 100 boxes. This activity works best if you use a dry erase board. Below the grid write the following equation: _ + _ = 100.

On the first day of school, write a 1 in the first box, and place a 1 on the first blank line of the equation. Have students figure out what number goes on the second blank line. Continue doing this each day, until the grid is filled with numbers 1 through 100 and the students have figured out all the possible addends that add to the sum of 100. Then, celebrate the 100th day of school!

A lesson on whole numbers can be an effective tool when helping kids learn basic number and counting skills. Furthermore, addition and subtraction lessons are available to help students see the relationship between numbers.

Date and Time

This activity practices writing numbers and understanding the concept of the passage of time. Have students write the number of the current date. For example, if today is October 5th, have them write 5. Then, have them write the number that falls directly before and the number that comes directly after. This helps reinforce number sequence. You can use this lesson on how to put numbers in order to help your students expand their understanding of this concept.

Next, have them write out the for today's date. Finally, have them note the on a blank clock face. Try to do this activity at slightly different times of the day, so that they may practice writing a variety of times.You can follow up this activity with lessons on using word names for numbers and telling time.

Place Value

You can also use the number of days your students have been in school to work with place value. Prior to starting this activity, you can use this lesson on place value to introduce your students to this math concept. Then, start the activity with three large, empty squares marked 'hundreds,' 'tens,' and 'ones,' and have students practice sorting the number of school days by place value. You can then show them that the hundreds plus the tens plus the ones equals the total number of days. This is also known as expanded form, and your students can get additional practice with it using this expanded form lesson.

More Ideas

To help reinforce math concepts for your students, or for more ideas on using the calendar to strengthen these lessons, we have several options available including:

These courses genuinely make learning fun through engaging video lessons and short quizzes.

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