Can You Retake the ASVAB?

Retaking the ASVAB

Individuals who are planning on a military career but did not obtain high enough ASVAB scores to qualify for their desired career field or to enter the branch of their choice can retake the test.

After the first testing attempt, individuals are required to wait a full month before they can take the ASVAB again. If individuals need to take the test a third time, they must wait another full month from the date of their second attempt.

After three attempts, there is a waiting period of 6 months that must be fulfilled before an individual can take the ASVAB again.

Test Information

The ASVAB is made up of 10 subtests. Individuals are tested in these areas:

Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) Assembling Objects (AO)
Auto Information (AI) General Science (GS)
Electronics Information (EI) Mathematics Knowledge (MK)
Mechanical Comprehension (MC) Paragraph Comprehension (PC)
Shop Information (SI) Word Knowledge (WK)

AFQT Scores

An individual's results from the AR, MK, PC and WK subtests are used to establish their Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) score. This score can be as low as 1 or as high as 99. It determines if an individual qualifies to join the military and represents the percentage of test-takers who performed at or below that level.

Scores Required to Enlist

The minimum AFQT score required to enlist in the Army or Marine Corps is 31. Other branches of the military have higher score requirements. For example, the Air Force expects high school graduates to have a score of 36, and GED holders must score 65 or higher. A score of 40 or more is required to be eligible to enter the Coast Guard.

Line Scores

The military also uses different score combinations from different subtests to determine if a person is an ideal candidate for certain career options.

For example, the Clerical (CL) score used by the Army is comprised of an individual's Verbal Expression (VE), Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) and Mathematics Knowledge (MK) scores. The VE score is based on an individual's Paragraph Comprehension (PC) and Word Knowledge (WK) scores. A specific CL score might be required for some administrative roles in the Army.

Other types of line scores that are determined from different ASVAB subtests include:

Combat Score (CO) Electronics Score (EL)
General Maintenance Score (GM) Mechanical Maintenance Score (MM)
Surveillance and Communications Score (SC) Skilled Technical Score (ST)

Preparing for the ASVAB

This ASVAB Study Guide includes self-paced video lessons and quizzes that can be used to give you an idea of what's on the test and help you create a study plan. Practice tests are also included so you can determine when you're ready to sit for your exam, regardless of whether you're taking the ASVAB for the first time or preparing for a retake.

These resources are also available in practice and study guides that cover specific subtests, such as the General Science and Mathematics Knowledge tests:

The ASVAB test measures the qualifications of individuals attempting to enlist in the U.S. military. Learn about the content of the test, the impact of results on a recruit's military career and resources you can use to prepare for this exam.

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